Public Entrance, Lobby and Elevators

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Public Entrance, Lobby and Elevators

Post  Grimoire Valentine on Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:07 am

Grimoire didn't have to walk far after taking the tram. He strode up the thirty or so concrete steps to the tall glass edifice which was greeting other employees of Tenik Industrial as well as general members of the public. He checked the time listed on his phone, and sighed with relief to find he was right on time.

He pushed himself through the thick glass revolving door into the grandiose lobby. White and black marble lines the glossy floor, a set of minimalist style double stairs lead up to a second floor was beyond an elegant redwood desk where three beautiful secretaries worked, answering the land lines and typing away upon their typewriters. One was greeting other employees of Tenik Industrial, chatting with one of the Security Guards in blue as Grimoire pushed on, crossing past them to the ground floor's elevators.

He slips into one, and hits '20' on the console. Soon, the all glass container closed, and the platform raised. As it did, Grim turned around, admiring the view outside as he had a view of the city as the lift raised to his desired floor- the Employee's Only Cafeteria.

I have enough time to grab some coffee and perhaps a couple danishes... he thought, his pale face showing a lack of emotion, as it was seven am or so now. As he got to his desire floor he turned away from the lovely expanse that was Galideno City and headed inside.

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