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Gailden Region

  • Gailden Region

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  • Guardian Mountains

    Guardian Mountains
    A large chain of tall, treacherous mountains that lie to the eastern most section of Gailden's continent. North of Galideno City, these high peaks are difficult to traverse, and its remoteness make it the perfect area to escape from the rest of the world.
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  • Galideno City Area

    Galideno City Area
    Galideno City Area is a prairie and grassland area covering the large south east section of the Gailden Continent, just south of the Guardian Mountains (Modern Day Ithteca Mountain Chain). Rolling grassy fields stretch nearly forever, with Mount Risa at the center of the area, and Galideno City, the gilded gem of Gailden, not too far away from it either.
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    Mon May 27, 2019 9:47 pm
    Random Mobs War Room
  • Mount Risa

    Mount Risa
    A tall, narrow mountain at the center of the Galideno City Area. The mountain has always been regarded as a 'holy place' of sorts, and is revered by all in Gailden as such.
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    Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:00 am
    Mikaru Shinitase The Cavern of Amaines, The Hungry...
  • Galideno City

    Galideno City
    The gilded, shining gem of the Gailden continent. Founded by Rufus-Alexander Tenik in 2200, its considered the Capital of Gailden, and it houses the Tenik Industrial Building, which acts as both the Head Quarters for Tenik Employees and as Galideno's Government Building. George Alexander Tenik Jr., Grandson of Rufus-Alexander, is the leader of Galideno City, and acting President of Tenik Industrial.
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    Random Mobs War Room
  • The Bliss Hotel and Casino

    The Bliss Hotel and CasinoOutside, a sign lit in pink neon states the name of the establishment simply as 'Bliss'. Its a somewhat notorious night club that is suspected to have shady dealings beyond the glitz and glamour behind the velvet ropes keeping the 'uninvited' from entering past the lobby. Guarded by rather imposing and strong men from Scardia, the building's security is never in question. People come here for the drinks and cocktails, and to hear it's famous, curvaceous songstress sing away their woes.
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    Jessica E. Springfield 198th Floor - Office of Overboss Mr.Baracus - Central Tower
  • Central Tower

    Central Tower
    Of the five towers that make up the Bliss Complex, this central tower overshadows all others. Here is where the cream of the Galideno Families congregate. The heads of the families meet in the presidential suites near the top of the tower, while the penthouse serves as the private quarters of the current head of the Families.
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    Jessica E. Springfield 198th Floor - Office of Overboss Mr.Baracus - Central Tower
  • North Tower - High Tech Entertainment

    North Tower - High Tech Entertainment
    The north tower is the most technologically advanced of the five towers. It houses the more power intensive and high tech entertainment methods of the complex. Interactive entertainment of all kinds are supplied here, from VR to videogames, high class movies and televised viewing on demand. All the way to brain diving into the virtual worlds devised by the computer sciences divisions employed by the Families.
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    Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:14 am
    Darkstorm Zero North Tower - High Tech Entertainment
  • East Tower - Carnal Pleasure Palace

    East Tower - Carnal Pleasure Palace
    The east tower is home to Galideno's largest brothel by far. A palace devoted to the pleasures of the flesh, this one stop shop caters to any and all kinds of lustful pursuits. If you cannot find your desires here within it's 150 floors, you won't find it anywhere else either.
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    Oromov the Black Serpent Staff Lounge and Dressing Room Area
  • West Tower - Casino Galideno Grande

    West Tower - Casino Galideno Grande
    The west tower houses the gambling capital of the world. Within it's 178 floors, one can find every known form of gambling game and form known to mortals, by the scores. The wagers get larger the higher up the tower one goes, until they reach the penthouse, where only the highest of the high rollers gamble with things no mortal should ever leave to chance. In this place, seen only by the select few that the Families allow, more than money is placed on the line.
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    Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:31 am
    Darkstorm Zero West Tower - Casino Galideno Grande
  • South tower - Hotel And Business Front

    South tower - Hotel And Business Front
    This is the public face of the Bliss complex. The Hotel takes up the top half of the 160 floor tower, while the lower half maintains business with external companies, the public and the government. This is the first place most people see before being allowed into other towers and areas of the complex. the bottom floors however do maintain a public shopping and restaraunt front for the general populace, before the receptions on the 4th floor mark the transition to offices for business.
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    Randi Cliffwolf South Tower - Lobby, Reception and Entrance
  • Tenik Industrial Building (H.Q.)

    Tenik Industrial Building (H.Q.)
    The largest collection of buildings at the center of the vast metropolis, the Tenik Industrial Building is the center of politics and economics within the city, and is where most Tenik Industrial employees work, including President Tenik and his steadfast Tenik Industrial Response Service (T.I.R.S.). The Galideno Military also have a wing, and so do the R&D teams of Tenik Industrial.
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    Random Mobs War Room
  • Tenik Estate

    The home of the Tenik President and his family within the heart of Galideno City. It connects to the Tenik Building so that the President does not have to travel far between home and work.
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  • T.I.R.S. Wing (Floors 40-45)

    A set of floors that belong to the Tenik Industrial Response Service department, or the 'T.I.R.S.' as its simplified.
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    Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:49 pm
    Albert Stratus T.I.R.S. Armory and Shooting Range
  • Galideno Military Wing (Floors 30-39)

    A set of floors that are set for the matters and personnel of the Galideno Military. Offices for Military Staff and Personnel, as well as 'The War Room' are located in this section of the building.
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    Mon May 27, 2019 9:47 pm
    Random Mobs War Room
  • B10 Tenik Industrial R&D Lab

    Deep underground, the Research and Development Wing of Tenik Industrial test out new technologies here, and its where the T.I.R.S. Combat Simulator is located.
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    Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:56 pm
    Grimoire Valentine Abandoned Tenik Warehouse 79B
  • Town of Voshnir

    A small hunting town not too far from Jemial City and the Town of Danton, North West of Galideno City.
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    Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:55 am
    Violetta Lockheart Outskirts of the Village
  • Jemial City

    A bustling town at the base of the Twin Peaks which lead into the Guardian Mountains. An old frontier town made rich to the coal and mining resources in the area. Bustling despite it's small size, this City is considered to be the third successful City-State in Gailden.
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  • The Black Widow Detective Agency

    The Black Widow Detective AgencyA private investigative agency run by Vivienne Wu.
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  • Town of Danton

    A Town which had only recently been built, it is on a direct trade route between Galideno City and Beijio to the far West of the Continent. It borders the far eastern edge of the Amaine Forest, but it is well protected by the Gunslinger Association which had recently taken root there out of orders from Galideno.
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    Tue May 28, 2019 9:12 pm
    Random Mobs Main Street
  • Amaine Forest

    Amaine Forest
    A Mysterious woodland which covers most of the southern side and middle areas of the Gailden Continent. It is a misty, dark place where dragons and demons supposedly make their home, but its also a home of a plethora of resources.
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    Wed May 29, 2019 9:09 pm
    Vern Silverfallow Yamashiro's place
  • Gailden Plains

    Gailden Plains
    A long stretch of plains that stretch from the Guardian Mountains to the East, and the Beijio Desert to the West. The plans for the Mijhen Highway have just recently began under the supervision of the Tenik Industrial Public Works group. They plan to connect Mijhen to Jemial City by 2285.
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  • Beijio Badlands

    Beijio Badlands
    Also known as the 'Beijio Desert', the Badlands are hot and dry for hundreds of miles towards the Western section of Gailden. It is one of the boundaries for the Beijionese Empire, who are an oriental nation who reside on the oasis edge of the badlands, carved into the side of the Beijio Cliffs. Plentiful trade from all nations cross through this region to other areas of Gailden.
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    Sasha Simpleswallow Despoiled Battlefield
  • Beijio Empire, The Grand City of Beijio

    A trading hub well fortified by its ideal location, the oriental nation of Beijio has plentiful trade with other nations across the sea as well as other continents. The people of Beijio are heavy in tradition, with their armies and troops still living 'in the way of the Samurai'. Ninja Schools and Swordsmanship Dojos dot throughout the Beijio Empire, who are as skilled in melee combat as the Scardian Nation to the North of Beijio, across the Scardian Ocean.
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    Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:27 am
    Kurenai Market Place
  • The Beijio Palace

    The Beijio Palace
    The palace of the Emperor, his son, and the rest of the court.
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    Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:32 am
    Daichi Beijiosaki Training Courtyard
  • Poor District

    Located on the outer South East rim of the vast City. Mainly utilized by the less fortunate of Beijio's Classes.
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  • Merchant District

    Also known as the Harbour District, it encompasses mostly the North East section of the Grand City. Inns, Bars, Markets are aplenty and is diverse with its population given thanks to the 100 year law of open commerce between all nations friendly with Beijio. Both traditional services and ones catered to foreigners are found here.
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    Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:27 am
    Kurenai Market Place
  • Noble's District

    Also known as 'The Heaven's Gate' District, it is where both the nobility aside from the Imperial Family and Temples dedicated to Frey'd the Wise are located. The head shrine is located here, guarded by the High Priest/Priestess of Beijio, who is in charge of all the other Beijionese Priests and Priestess' in the Beijio Empire. It is also where the nobility sends their children to learn, in both holy scripture and of practical life skills.
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  • Southern Ice Caps: The Dead Lands

    Beyond Gaildeno City, Amaine, and Beijio... furthest south one can get are the 'Dead lands'. Unlike the hearty Izhevesk who managed to brave the North Ice Caps, the south ice caps have only been charted, but mostly avoided. The biting cold air is enough to turn one's sweat into pure ice. The Beijio Desert crawls into the Dead Lands, becoming the Ice Sands, where Gailden Ice Sand is collected in ore chunks, the sand a noticeable blue in hue in this region. There is little foliage beyond the Amaine, and the seas around the south caps have become frozen and too dangerous to traverse...
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    Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:34 pm
    Random Mobs Asrond Wilderness
  • The Crimson Palace

    A large, imposing structure obscured by constant blizzards in the Southern Ice Caps. It hovers above a deep crater where icy water flows to form a pitch black lake beneath the castle. The palace itself seems to be made of some sort of crystal or ice... ice stained thick with the blood of mortals. It is the palace of the Vampire, Carmilla.
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