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Post  Prina Pixi Fhotroke on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:32 pm

A fish market located nearby the local harbour. Like the rest of Fenira mandated by the Council of Magi, everything and everyone is draped in red or crimson, the country's national colours.

Prina couldn't help it. It was just... in her nature. She couldn't help but be drawn to the scent of fresh Feniran Salmon, the odour thick in the air and like a pair of fingers plucking her cute little nose and pulled her away from her post. This dereliction of duty would hardly go unnoticed, after all when everyone is wearing red but a Cat-Girl with shiny black and gold armour; a red mini-skirt that was barely covered the lower cheeks of her butt on a windy day. Her outfit was standard among members of Gilded Tree: Fenira's Legendary Dark Knights. If you asked Prina Pixi Fhotroke, the adorable cat girl in question with a generous rack and twintails, she figured the Order more like Red Mages sub Dark Knights; but that was her prerogative.

She hit the stalls first, a large war axe leaning against her right shoulder as she anxiously loomed at the merchandise, and veered from one stall to the next. She was comparing the scents to figure which had the freshest Salmon possible, as Prina would not take anything but the very best. She sniffed the air, her sense of smell was keenly picking up on something quite delicious indeed! It lead the dark haired, crimson eyed Neko towards another set of stalls where the fish lay salted and hanging on display. There was a plethora of fish species, some exotic others... disturbing. The massive tail and lower body of a Selachi lay on display aside the stall displaying the salmon she wanted. She stood there, her greaves clinking as she stood before the stall, adjusting her axe to keep the weight distributed evenly against her shoulder. She looked upon the massive lower body, the humanoid upper half had been hacked cleanly off some time ago it seemed.

"Creamed Selachi Stew with Potatoes and Carrots is a traditional family recipe of mine," she began, speaking to the stall owner who was wearing red in accordance to Feniran law. She held the stave of her axe with her right hand, the non bladed end was jabbed against the planked walkway as the sea stretched out behind her. The massive cutting head hovered high above and behind her swaying twin tails & twitching dark ears of a similar colour. She turned her large, feline eyes at the man behind the stall with a cigarette limp and hanging against the crook of his lips, and she pointed at the Selachi's severed lower half. "Citizen, how did you manage to quell a Selachi of this size? Not to mention escape the wraith of her sisters!" she cried, rather amazed at the feat.
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