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Post  Lucretia Mistwhisper on Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:50 pm

The marketplace was bustling with activity. Merchants brought in all around Domescadia hawked their wares in these polished streets. There was an eerie calm in the air, given the reputation of the Black Empire. There was a mask of joy upon many of the grand city's civilians as they went about their daily business. They seemed happy... almost too happy. Almost... forced.

Lucretia watched the scene from the comfort of the shadows, leaning against the back alley's wall as she watched both mortals and Apophi slither about unnoticed. The Apophi had been granted far better rights these days, and a male Apophi was bothering a Neko Merchant who had a seal of workmanship upon their person, making them by law, protected by Abdel from personal consumption. The Apophi slithered away, disheartened, which was a thankful change to the sea of forced smiles which made the Teronian Vampire sick to her stomach.

She closed her ruby red eyes, sighing before looking over her kit. She was going to head out on patrol with the 3rd Unit of Abdel's Obsidian Army. They uncovered a ruin out in the Desert and were escorting a group of Abdel's finest minds to look it over. Till then, however, she was on stand by. She decided to leave the comfort of the shadows, and make her way around the Grand City.

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