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Post  Darkstorm Zero on Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:23 am

For the creation of entities that do not fit on the other categories, but are not human
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Post  Hisako Dirgearrow on Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:09 pm

Name: Hisako Dirgearrow
Titles: Scorpio

Physical Description-
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Yellow, Golden
Hair: Pumpkin Orange
Species: Human*
Body/Physical Appearance: A unique young woman with a slender yet highly athletic build, long orange colored hair, large golden yellow eyes, and ivory skin. She is average in height, and has thick, wide thighs where she lacks in a prominent bust.

Clothes: Scorpio’s Robes ‘Hisako’: Hisako wears the robes of the Original Scorpio of Bejio, however the robes appear to change for each who carry the mantle. Hers have become skimpy in nature, clothing suited for the hot white sands and humid jungle of Izula Island, where Hisako was born. Despite their apparent lack of protection, they are robes which hold high defense against magic and physical defense. They are soul bound to her, and cannot be stolen from her or even technically ‘destroyed’. The mask/scarf helps improve her sneaking and while worn allows her to breath under water. Her yambrace allow her a sure grip and increased strength, and her armored sandals allow her to carry nearly five times her own weight, as well as allow her movement to be swift and silent.
They consist of: Orange and light grey Priestess attire, with long detached sleeves, a cropped top, a hip vented double-slit mini-skirt hakama, asymmetric thigh high stockings, and armored sandals. Her tabi socks are yellow and her scarf, head band, and yambrace are colored black and yellow. Many have compared her color scheme to the ‘Emir Reaping Festival’ (OOC: Halloween).  
Characters: Non-Humans Ca0422890454af4d070f6555f25621f4_by_keskewolf-dapmj90

Hometown: Izula Island, Beiji-Scardia Islands
Alliance: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Employment: Vigilante; Rouge Priestess of Frey’d.
Rank: N/A

Trained In: Magic, Picking Locks, Dragon Slaying, Stealth, Close Quarters Combat (advanced), Ranged Weaponry, Knife Play, Swordplay, Diving, Arcane Lore, sailing.
Sensei/Instructor: Temple of Freyd in Beijio City; Scorpio’s Soul
Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: Unknown
Allergies: None
Health Background:
-Scorpio’s Soul: Is possessed by the soul of the previous Vigilante’s incarnations; remolded into her own, which allows her to not age, get sick, or feel least, all the time.

An energetic and playful young woman who originally hailed from Beijio City, and was a devout Priestess of the High Temple of Freyd in Beijio City till a few months ago, when she was excommunicated from the Temple and fell into ‘Fallen Priestess’ or ‘Rogue Priestess’ Status. The reasons for her excommunication is unknown besides her and the Temple; however it may have something to do with the little known fact: She is the new ‘Scorpio’.

Scorpio is a mythological figure in Ancient Galiavan History. Supposedly having fought alongside Scar’d and Fenira when they conquered modern day Fenira, and against Scar’d as he tried to conquer Beijio. ‘Scorpio’ is now days a mantle for a vigilante who fights, usually against a large imposing force to protect Beijio or the minority. Known for their feats with a bow, they are supposedly soul bound to Frey’d to act as an ‘agent’ of sorts in the mortal affairs. The followers of Frey’d, however, do not recognize this fact and while they harbor no ‘ill will’ against the Scorpio, they will not support or shelter them as they bring with them ‘Bad Luck’.

According to Hisako herself, the previous Scorpio passed his power on to her, choosing her as it has been always done. She met the previous Scorpio while performing an exorcism in Amaine, and the man, representing himself as a former monk of Freyd, began to make pleasant conversation and then seduced her. Upon awaking, she was filled with a new power and given the understanding of the previous Scorpio’s mission. Her soul, melded with his, and those who came before him. He spoke to her of how she had been chosen due to her soul’s connection to Scorpio; much like how he had been chosen, by a priestess who was also the Scorpio, and before her was another Priestess, and so on, descending all the way to the original Scorpio of Beijio, from the Era of Scar’d.

With her newfound powers, she is not technically ‘human’, yet she is still very much mortal. Her powers have halted her aging, allowed her to perform unique skills and abilities. She can summon Scorpio’s bow at will, and special arrows which can penetrate the thickest of armors, as if they were made of paper mache.

Hisako’s mission now is the same as her recent predecessor, to halt the advance of the Domescadian Army, to cause them mischief and harm till they can no longer operate or if the war is done.        


Weapons: Scorpio’s Ancient Bow, Scorpio’s Ancient Arrows, Magic Kunai, Terroronian Falchion.

Equipment: Handmade Lockpicks, 2x Tenik Stims, 3x Galideno Stick Grenades, Compass and Maps, Sutra Talismans.

Possessions: Not much..

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: No attachment to anything that can’t be forcibly removed from her body Smile

Special Abilities:
Beijio Abilities: Like any who hold Beijionese blood seem to be descendants of the Ancient Elves of old, and carry unique abilities granted to them due to their Ancient yet severed connection thanks to millennia of dilution. Namely a closer connection to the spirit world, Magic Resistance, and Advanced Breathing and a body which can withstand extreme pressures.
-Magic Resistance: He has a certain level of Magic Resistance thanks to her Beijionese blood.
-Beijionese Breathing: She can hold her breath very long compared to other mortals, thanks to her Beijionese Blood.
-Thick Skinned: She has mastered a level of physical training where she can resist the effects of physical attacks dished out to her, making her sturdy and able to keep standing even after heavy blows.
-Chi Sense: She can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
-Purification: She can purify areas of ill intent where the very air can kill thanks to the accumulated malignant forces.
-Bullet Cut: She can slice bullets and repel them with multiple, concise, strikes.
Scorpio Abilities & Magic: These are the special skills and abilities given to her for being chosen to be the next ‘Scorpio of Beijio’.
-Magic Resistance: Has advanced Magic Resistance, when combined with her Beijionese Blood, allows her to survive otherwise deadly magic spells, and an immunity to some physical status effects such as ‘shrinking’ and ‘venom/poison’.
-Physical Resistance: Can take more physical blows, combined with her Beijionese Blood, which allow her to survive rather serious injuries, example: Falling from very high falls.
-Regeneration: She can regenerate wounds from injuries, though they take a while to heal and ‘seal’, she can even heal grievous injuries and wounds such as the loss of a limb, aside from her head. Though she can regenerate hear and head injuries, she would not be able to survive decapitation or having her heart removed from her body, as shown from previous Scorpio’s follies.
-Shadow Cloak: When wearing her scarf, she can practically melt into the shadows, similar to that of the Terroronians, but cannot travel through them like said race.
-Explosive Scorpio Arrows: She can summon one of her infinite supply of highly penetrative arrows with an explosive tip in the following variations:

  • Explosive Tip (Standard): A standard arrow with no elemental attachments, and the basis for all the other Explosive Arrows. Penetrates the target deep, then explodes within like a grenade.
  • Ice: An Explosive tip which explodes, turning whatever the fragments touch to thick ice.
  • Fire: An Explosive tip which explodes, then immolates whatever the fragments touch.
  • Spark: An Explosive tip which explodes, the fragments of which shock anything it touches with a high yeild electric current.
  • Shadow: An Explosive tip which explodes, engulfing all those caught in the explosion in shadow, forcing them to sink into the shadow like if the ground became liquid. The ground reforms after a few seconds, trapping or destroying any that fell inside. *Cannot be used in bright areas where shadows cannot exist*
  • Temporary Petrification: An Explosive tip which explodes, the fragments of which turn any organic material into stone for a few minutes (3 posts).
  • Temporary Paralysis: An Explosive tip which explodes, the fragments of which cause anything to fall, unable to move for a few minutes (3 posts).
  • Scorpio Venom: An Explosive tip which explodes, the fragments of which will envenomate anything it touches with a powerful toxin which causes blurred vision, and the victim to bleed out from open orifices.
  • Purification: An Explosive tip which explodes, the fragments of which purify everything of moderate evil intent, sending them back to Hell by holy flame. Enemies of high demonic power are only blinded temporarily.

-High Jump and Acrobatics: She is able to move like a beast-kin, agile as a cat and with the springing power of one as well.

Magic Abilities:
-Geokinesis: She can control earth to a limited extent.

  • Shifting Sand Movement: She can swiftly move, under the sands, like a Golden Cobra Lamia, thanks to one of the Previous Scorpio’s being one.
  • Rock Body: She can cover her entire body with rock like armor.

-Cryokinesis: She can control ice, snow and water to a limited extent.

  • Cold Resistance: She can repel the cold, thanks to her connection with one of the Scorpio’s who were once of Scardian decent.
  • Ice Body: She can cover her entire body with ice like armor.
  • Freeze - She can completely but temporarily encase his opponent in ice.
  • Ice Spikes - She can create large, dangerous, pointed spikes made of ice.
  • Purifying Water: Can turn water into a purifying salve that can help heal wounds, even if they are not of Scardian decent.

-Electrokinesis: She can control electricity to a limited extent.

  • Electric Body: Can create electricity around her extremities and imbue her body with high voltage.
  • Electric Field: Can create an electric field like a shield, and halt projectiles before sending them back imbued with electricity and at a higher velocity.

-Pyrokinesis: She can control fire to a limited extent.

  • Heat Resistance: She can repel the heat, thanks to her personal connection with being born on the humid Izula Island.
  • Fire Body: She can cover her entire body with fire like, appearing as a walking flame.
  • Flame Thrower - She can breath out flames as hot as a dragons at her enemies from nearly twenty or so feet away.
  • Purifying Flame: Can conjure flame into a purifying salve that can help heal wounds, and remove deadly status effects like poison, petrification, and being shrunk/frogification.
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Post  Zuthala Gigamaw on Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:18 pm

Name: Zuthala Gigamaw
Nick Name: Zu

Physical Description-
Species: Sobekian
Age: 20?
Sex: Female
Height: 11'10? (will investigate further)
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Green, Reptilian like
Hair: None
Body/Physical Appearance: A tall female figure of smooth green leathery scales with a lighter green/tan underbelly. She has dull, conical teeth similar to that of gators, with a muscular pair of arms and legs and thick muscular tail. She has prominent breasts, and a rounded belly.

Clothes: A black sheer bra and panties? (she's got weird tastes)

Home Country: Minktail
Alliance: None
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Unemployed

Trained In: ???
Sensei/Instructor: Mother
Instructed: ???  

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: Unknown
Allergies: None
Health Background: Healthy.

A rare species of creatures called Sobekian's, they are a crocodilian and alligator like race which inhabit swampy grottoes and rivers mostly throughout Domescadia. Considerably rare to be seen in human settlements, these beasts generally stick to the wilds. Zuthala Gigamaw, is a different story. Zu is fascinated by mortal society, attempting to wear feminine clothing (no need really), and venturing into smaller settlements. However, fascinated, mortals make up one of her preferred dietary choices...


Weapons: None

Equipment: ???

Possessions: ???

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: ???

Special Abilities:
-Swallow: A dragon of her size can easily swallow creatures almost half her size whole. In fact, she doesn't 'chew prey', but swallows them whole or tears them apart piecemeal as per her normal diet. Also, her stomach is semi-expandable, allowing for more than one prey at a time...
-Breath control: She can remain submerged for many hours.
-Low-Light Vision: She can see very well in darkened environments.
-Powerful Body: Her body and vicious jaws are able to easily cripple mortal limbs, from clawed hands to whipping her thick tail, which can stun enemies effectively.
-Had it, can't remember it lol

Magic Abilities:
Zuthala Gigamaw
Zuthala Gigamaw

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Post  Abdel Adham on Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:36 pm

Name: Abdel Adham
Titles: Emperor
Nick Name: "Death", "Black Emperor"

Physical Description-
Species: Wraith/Terroronian
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Spectrums from Red to Gold
Hair: Black
Body/Physical Appearance: Hair is left long enough to comb on top and gradually tapers down close around the sides and back. Can be worn messy or slicked back with gel for a formal look. He is tall, very well built despite his somewhat slender appearance. His skin has become corrupted thanks to his pact, appearing ashen and black with gold glowing runes forming throughout his left and right arms, his back and chest, and legs, and the left side of his face. His shoulders and forearms have spikes and so does his neck, due to the corruption hes absorbed into his body and soul.  


Over-Robes and Helm: Long flowing black silk robes which do not hint at all of what lay behind them. Easy to remove, they are yet adorned lightly with Domescadian pauldrons and a light chest plate, a hooded helm adorned with draconian horns and carved Domescadian steel face plate is worn on his head. He wears these to mask the creature underneath from his enemies.
Characters: Non-Humans 3fb5d0016d6f325fabe215aea624c16e_by_rachelrenston-db2qvc5

No Robes: Worn under his robes, the Emperor wears no shirt, wears leather pants and Domescadian Steel knee bracers, greaves and sabatons. The pelt of a behemoth is worn about his waist.  
Characters: Non-Humans Dark_prince_render_by_rachelrenston-db2qxw4

Home Country: Domescadia
Alliance: Himself
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Employment: Warrior Emperor of Domescadia

Trained In: Sword & CQC Master, Improved dexterity & sight training, telepathy, demonic endurance training, shadow caster abilities, and teleportation, among other things.

Sensei/Instructor: His father, Terroronian Shadow Blade Masters, his evil ancestors and forbidden demonic knowledge.
Instructed: No one, to public knowledge.

Relationship Status: "I can have anyone I desire"
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:
-Corrupted by Ancient Evil has made him transform into a Wraith
-Reborn through learning Terroronian Powers
-OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A common, chronic and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over. He likes having things symmetrical or in a perfect order, as well as having a strong distaste for mud or dirt trampling across the palace floors, especially the Entrance Hall for which important guests, is what greets them as they enter his palace. He also can't control his thoughts or behaviors, even when those thoughts or behaviors are recognized as excessive; especially given when he is torturing someone. He sometimes ends up pushing the victim too far and killing them.

Galideno City Public Enemy number one. The Black Emperor, Abdel Adham is the sixty-sixth Emperor of Domescadia's Domescadian Desert Empire, and the third to assume almost total control over the landmass, with exception of the Izhevesk Nation to the Far North. It is said when he was born, the kingdom had suffered a terrible sand storm, his mother having issues with the delivery, having taken thirteen hours for her to finally give birth to the sixty-sixth Emperor in waiting. His mother was of the six hundred that lost their lives that day. It is recorded once he was removed from his dead mothers womb, the child did not weep. He was alert, and had a unearthly look about him. His father held no love for his son, and wanted nothing to do with the 'thing' residing in the palace.

However, despite the child neglected by his father, young Abdel was very studious and learned much from the Sixty-Fifth Emperor. He took the Empire at the age of 4, making use of his Father's mistakes, he murdered him. No one knew who the woman was that was at his side of the throne, acting as his Adviser. She was shrouded in dark veils and kept close to the young king. Terroronia sent three Master Shadow Blades to teach him the Terroronian craft at his young age, and while the Empire was beginning its bloody reign of conquering the Domescadian landscape, the Emperor was learning to make use of the shadows.

By thirteen, he was a Master Shadow Blade himself, absorbing the dark energies accumulated by killing the three masters and absorbing their essence, which meant he had 39 Terroronian souls backing up his newfound powers. By sixteen, the 'woman of the black veil' seemed to have vanished, and Abdel was ruling the throne by himself. He lead troops into battle, and by the time he was seventeen the continent was his own. Still, the Emperor wanted more. It is said he found a scroll which allowed him contact with his past ancestors, and from it also gained their immense evil power, but in the process, corrupted his already damnable soul.

His flesh became ashen and twisted, corrupted with shadow and dark malice, he became what the Domescadians called 'Wraiths', creatures who are but shells of their former selves, corrupted by the power of evil intent and demonic witchery. His newfound powers combined with his Terroronian skills make the Emperor an evil God among man. His nickname, 'The Black Emperor' was coined after this event.

Cunning, quiet, and calculated. He is an intentionally cruel and vile individual if his palace can speak for his mindset. From his throne, he can hear the voices of the anguish echo from below, a pit from his throne sets above the prison for those he condemns to his 'Hell'. He respects his laws, and thrives on strict order. There have been many attempts on his young life, but all have met with disaster on behalf of the would be Assassins.



Soul Drinker: A corrupted scimitar of Domescadian make. Corrupted with the power to tap into the soul of those he kills, imbuing his body with their soul energy.
Characters: Non-Humans Soul_drinker_by_rachelrenston-db2qybd

Daggertail: A whip of Domescadian make, with fused Domescadian and Scardian Steel, Dragon Scales, and the spine of a Griffon. It doesn't have a 'specified length' which seems to grow at Abdel's command.
Characters: Non-Humans Daggertail_by_rachelrenston-db2qyez

Equipment: TBA

Possessions: TBA

Prized Possessions/Personal Items:

Special Abilities:
Paralium-Aqir~ Adham's whip becomes infused with his sword, in which he then unleashes the spirits of his dead Ancestors to bond with his weaponry to form a demonblade whip.
Magic Abilities:

Characters: Non-Humans 3fb5d0016d6f325fabe215aea624c16e_by_rachelrenston-db2qvc5
Abdel Adham
Abdel Adham
The Black Emperor
The Black Emperor

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Post  Qis Willowjumper on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:43 pm

Name: Qis Willowjumper

Characters: Non-Humans 3cbc388076ae131cc9539b186f4042a7_by_anastasiadfaizland-dayzqat

Physical Description-
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 118 lbs
Species: Keropin/Human
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Green
Body/Physical Appearance: An exotic, somewhat creepy looking woman with large hands and feet, a curvaceous hourglass body with an ample bust, and long dark green hair. Her most telling feature is her large, doll like eyes which have made her an outcast in human societies.

-Street Clothes: Consists of a silk white dress shirt with sleeves gathered at the elbows, and a navy pleated skirt. She wears black lace panties and bra and a red satin tie and knee socks with mary janes.
Characters: Non-Humans 06e0074e6f64cce66d457c4f136c2d72_by_anastasiadfaizland-dayzqb8

-Skin Tight Uniform: A uniform which conforms to her body, stolen from a T.I.R.S. delivery truck. It even conforms to her body mass alterations.
Characters: Non-Humans A84f16ac8532d5a87cb0b1c931d835b9_by_anastasiadfaizland-dayzqag

Hometown: Yakamoto Island
Alliance: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Employment: Unemployed

Trained In: Lockpicking, free climbing, advanced tracking, close quarters combat, firearms familiarity, sleight of hand.  
Sensei/Instructor: Unknown
Instructed: None

Relationship Status: Single
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Likes: Treasure, Eating, Training, Hunting/Tracking, Swimming, Climbing, Big Boobs, Playing.
Dislikes: Freezing Cold, Hunger, Sleep Deprivation.

Health Background:

A curious woman, she was born in a Keropin pod from a Chieftain Mother. She grew up among the chaotic and playful Keropin, who seemed to somewhat accept her given she carried many traits, but eventually was abandoned after she slept for too long one day. She has since lived on her own, occasionally visiting human settlements during nightfall since mortals tend to alienate her because of her creepy, doll like eyes.

As such, she has no qualms doing what she wants, what she likes, and eating people is not a taboo to her.


Weapons: Empty

Equipment: Skin tight Outfit

Possessions: Whatever she finds off people, Gilex

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: None

Misc: -
Special Abilities:
Magic Resistance: She has Magic Resistance thanks to her Beijionese blood. Beijionese Breathing: She can hold her breath very long compared to other mortals, thanks to her Beijionese Blood.
Beijionese Bone Structure: Her bones are quite strong and durable, traditional Beijionese traits given their diet and thanks to her Beijionese Culture.
Chi Sense: She can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
Enhanced Scent Tracking: She can catch a scent, blood, sweat, what have you, and be able to track it with her nose.
Natural Weapons: She has traits similar to the beast she is based upon, (ex. Tongue and Legs).
Enhanced Strength: She is physically more stronger than most mortals without physical training. Common Beast-Kin trait.
Lowlight Vision: She can see in the dark as if it was full twin moons, all the time, in even the darkest of places. Only disabled if there is a true absence of light. Common Beast-Kin trait.
Enhanced Speed: She moves quickly, unhindered and with more grace than a human, but isn't as fast as a Scardian. Common Beast-Kin trait.
Enhanced Jump: She can leap and jump higher than most other beast kin and humans. She can leap higher too thanks to Keropin heritage.
Enhanced Reflexes: She can change her movement and the position of her body in a blink of an eye.
Feather Fall: While falling, she can distribute her body’s weight in an even manner, gliding gently rather than falling down like a sack of rocks. She gets this from her Keropin upbringing. Physical Damage Resistances:  She is more hardy than most mortals, able to take a beating and come back for more.
Resistance to fatigue: When properly fed, she will be an endless power train of stamina and endurance.
Intense Flexibility: Due to her Keropin nature, her body is highly flexible, able to bend in such a manner which would be otherwise impossible for a mortal. This includes her skin and organs as well, the muscles flex in conjunction with her bones.
Sticky Body: Clothing or not, she can cling to walls and even ceilings as she climbs and hang there for extended periods of time.

Energy Slash: Qis’ weapons and body can be fueled with ki energy.
Mixed fighting style: Qis uses a mixed grapple fighting style that complements her flexibility, and her tongue lashing. She has a noticeable Kenpo style of fighting.
Strengthened & Regenerating Tongue: She has a long, sticky, prehensile tongue that can hoist an incredible yield in terms of weight. It is also quite durable from slashing and stabbing implements, however if it does indeed get cut or even removed, Qis can regenerate her tongue at an alarming rate.
Engorge: She, like her Keropin sisters, can eat to the point of absolutely swelling. She can, even devour an entire human, her belly swelling with their weight. She can handle the weight thanks to her enhanced strength, and it won’t affect her performance while hanging or clinging from walls or ceilings.
Rapid Digest: She can, in a pinch, digest her prey faster than normal; which requires a lot of movement and play on her end.  
Poison Aura: She radiate a poisonous secretion from her flesh which can also radiate as an aura like miasma.

Magic Abilities:
Enhanced Eating: User can eat massive quantities of food at once to no ill effect, this can extend into versions of Matter Ingestion. This power can be very useful, especially for those that possess an abnormal nature. Because of this, nutritional intake needs are a great deal higher than that of normal, requiring more food in order to keep their strength up.

  • Accelerated Metabolism - power to have an extraordinarily fast metabolism.

    • Alcohol Immunity: power to be immune to the effects of ethanol in alcoholic beverages
    • Pain Suppression: power to neutralize one's sensitivity to physical pain
    • Regenerative Healing Factor:  ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury.
    • Contaminant Immunity: is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, allergen, etc.

  • Consumption Healing - Qis can regenerate wounds by eating anything, either to empower their regeneration process or directly transforming the material into her own mass.
  • Consumptive Learning - Qis can an learn anything about the subject by consuming it.
  • Gluttony Embodiment - Qis become an embodiment of gluttony and gains the power to eat and consume anything or anyone. The user can eat an attack and launch it right back at the enemy but more destructive, they can even transform or become bigger with whatever the user eats and digests.
  • Gluttony Empowerment - Qis become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by gluttony of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the gluttony or even slow or stop aging.
  • Gluttony Inducement - Qis can induce hunger and extremes of gluttony in others such as over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. Victim is unable to focus into anything else than fulfilling their hunger.
  • Gut Storage - Qis can store beings/objects inside their guts and can regurgitate them out of their mouths at any time.
  • Gut Storage - Qis can create blades of air.
  • Infinite Digestive System - Qis can eat/digest any form of matter, regardless of size or shapes, without harming their stomach or mouth. She is also capable of storing matter within her body and spitting it back out when the moment calls for it.
  • Biological Absorption - Qis can absorb biological mass/matter, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, knowledge, skills, etc., using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.

Size Manipulation: Qis has complete control over the size of herself and others, from tiny to absolutely gigantic while retaining their physical proportions, some may be able to alter their density. Usually strength and durability is proportional to the size assumed, but users may actually gain increased abilities when growing or keep their normal ones when shrinking. A magic technique she learned from the Keropin she was raised by.

Willowjumper Technique: Quick L(a)unch- She stuns the enemy by clapping their ears, before falling back onto her hands, and springs both of her powerful thighs into their chest, launching them high into the air while stunned. If she is hungry, she can fall back to her feet while in her crouched state, and simply open wide and waits as her still stunned hapless opponent becomes lunch.
Willowjumper Technique: Tongue Lash (Sticky)- She can lash her tongue several times at her enemy, which not only feels like a leather whip smacking them, but it coats them in sticky, paste like saliva.
Willowjumper Technique: Fein Digestion- She can appear to fully digest her prey, while in truth only shrinking them down and storing them inside her gut. Unfortunately, any who remain in her gut for longer than three days are likely to be digested regardless.
Willowjumper Technique: Sloppy Kiss- She can stun an enemy by ensnaring their neck with her tongue, then draws their head into her mouth. She suckles the victim and coats them with thick, gooey slime which remains on their face, ears, nose and mouth even after removing them from her mouth. Though temporary, the target will be unable to fight for a short while.

Characters: Non-Humans 1b2ce8345c616cdaac9a59ea10dd8eb4_by_anastasiadfaizland-dayzq7r
Qis Willowjumper
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Post  Tsunashi Oshinokouji on Mon May 29, 2017 10:10 pm

Name: Tsunashi Oshinokouji
Nicknames: Oshino, Oshi (informal: Tsuna, Tsun, Tsun-Tsun)
Titles: Lady Tsunashi/Lady Oshinokouji
D.O.B.: Junius 12, 2246
D.O.D.: Octobris 4, 2271

Physical Description-
Age: 25 (is 36 chronologically)
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9
Weight: 113 lbs (once 120)
Eyes: Gold- Glowing (once light blue)
Hair: Black
Body/Physical Appearance: She was once a beautiful Beijionese woman with pristine yet shiny tanned skin, a toned body and large light blue eyes that seemed to pierce your soul. Her hair was long, silky black with a greenish tint, with a center part and sidelocks held up in a traditional ponytail. Undeath has left her now as pale, bluish skinned with large golden glowing eyes. Her fatal wound, the mark where the arrow pierced the center of her chest appears on her upper back and between her medium breasts. Though death has claimed her, she is still the beautiful woman she once was- save for the skeletal right arm and gauntlet which juts from her shoulder when she draw’s her once mortal blade. Characters: Non-Humans Butter_t_onimusha_by_tamamonomae1112-dbawh1a

Ruined Oshinokouji Armor: Blood-stained Sarashi, pink detached sleeves held by crimson ribbon, her samurai gauntlet on her left arm, a crimson hakama, light grey tabi socks, sandals. Her hair is held up with a blood-stained ribbon, and she wears an onimusha’s headband and neck guard and faulde. The faulde has a large oni’s skull that glows with demonic energy, her right arm becomes skeletal and forms bony armor fused with demonic and spiritual energy whenever she draws her former mortal katana now turned ‘Youtou’, Ryuzi.
When she was alive, her armor was adorned by a light pink sleeveless Gi with sakura petals sewn into the robe’s hem, with the detached sleeves, crimson hakama, and armored gauntlets and greaves. She wore a silver cuirasse with the Beijiosaki Clan’s emblem etched into its surface. However, after she was killed, looters stole her kimono and armor, leaving her corpse to rot and later selling off those items around Yakamoto.

Characters: Non-Humans Ochimusha0_by_tamamonomae1112-dbaaddf

Hometown: Izula Island, The Grand Empire of Beijio
Alliance: The Grand Empire of Beijio
Alignment: Neutral

Employment: Former servant of the Beijiosaki House, and Samurai under Lord Dai Beijiosaki
Trained In: Battojutsu, Iaijutsu, Iaido, Kempo, Archery.
Sensei/Instructor: Taught by her parents, the Beijiosaki House, Dai Beijiosaki.
Instructed: No one.

Relationship Status: Was Married.
Medications: None
Allergies: Holy objects, Silver, Mythril, Cold Steel.
Likes: Eating (Spicy things are a plus), musical arts, helping others, Bushido Code, good wine, her family, Dai Beijiosaki (as a Lord), the Imperial Family.
Dislikes: Being considered a coward, being thought of as a demon or monster by those she respects, weak threats, bad Sake, her family or Lord’s life, family or the Emperor’s family being threatened.

Health Background:
-Undead: She is technically a zombie. Being already dead, she can take all sorts of damage beyond the normal extremes that she would have in life.
-Alcohol Tolerance: Being dead means alcohol consumed doesn’t really go anywhere… huh.

A once proud warrior and devoted servant to the Beijiosaki Clan, and Daichi Beijiosaki’s bodyguard when he first became the head of the Beijiosaki Clan. She grew up on Izula, an island in the Beijio Empire known for its beautiful shores and equally beautiful scantily clad women due the tropical heat. She was born into the Oshinokouji clan as a servant to the Beijiosaki Clan. She was married to her husband, a foreigner from Scardia Gunther who sacrificed his family name to keep the Oshinokouji name strong. Together, the two had a boy, Takashi when they were still young. Their pairing and marriage was an example of foreign acceptance in Beijio- rare but documented.

Though a mother and important figure in her clan at the time, she was the steadfast servant and right hand woman to Daichi Beijiosaki, the new leader of the Beijiosaki Clan and Shogun to the Emperor of Beijio. She was close with the man who was her clear superior in both rank and capabilities, but still performed her duties, serving as his protector on behalf of the two Clans.

When Takashi was about a year old, she was sent to quell a rebellion alongside Dai on Yakamoto. Bidding her family farewell, she left Izula- never to be seen again.

According to some of Dai’s men upon their return, Tsunashi was killed while ordering a retreat on Dai’s behalf. She apparently became too cowardly, sacrificing order in her unit and caused many to be captured and killed. She was struck in the back with an arrow, her horse carrying her corpse into the jungle, and has never been seen again since. This dishonor has put the Oshinokouji family’s name to shame in Izula, but in Beijio her actions were better received, with Dai’s personal accounts that she lead advancing enemy parties away by fleeing into the jungle prior to her vanishing; that if she hadn’t sacrificed herself, the battle would have been lost at Tsunashi - the village renamed in her honor by Dai and the Emperor.

Nearly eleven years later, this mixed reputation has garnered her as both a coward, and a hero in the eyes of a select few. Tsunashi Village has woven tales that the jungle around their settlement sometimes glows with an eerie light on misty, humid nights. They believe that being branded a coward has turned Lady Tsunashi into a youkai, a demonic spirit that cannot pass into Nirvana nor Hell, and thus haunts the jungle around the village. They say she waits on those misty nights for a foolish traveller to pass through the jungle, only to hack him with her rusty blade and eat him. Every year they send a Priestess to bless the land, in an effort to appease Tsunashi.

There is some merit of truth in these explanation of events. In her final hour, Tsunashi was pursued by enemy cavalry who managed to place a shot between the center of her back. Though her wound was fatal, she lived thanks to her silver armor and of the arrow lodged in place, keeping her from bleeding out as her sarashi became soaked in crimson that bled through to her pink Gi. She eventually collapsed from her horse, weakened and dragging herself upon the muddy earth, wanting to see her child, her husband, her Lord before dying. The enemy dismounted, and noticing the value of her equipment, forced her head into the mud- smothering her as they slowly yanked out the arrow from her back to remove her gear. She writhed in agony before succumbing to either her open wound or choking on thick jungle mud.

Her spirit was unable to pass on, having experienced such an Ochimusha’s fate at the hands of rag tagged swordsmen, her negative energy allowed her to resurrect as an Onimusha. Demonic energy fuels her body’s movements and has supplied her with a powerful force. However, being an Onimusha makes her a deadly foe against demonkin themselves, as she is able to collect their souls and gather them into her undying body as a fuel source.


-Ryuzi: A non-ornate yet exquisite katana that served her in life, it was chipped in the final confrontation to her murderers. Left to rust in the elements for the past ten years has made it fragile and incapable as a weapon in mortal hands - however Tsunashi is no longer mortal. The yokai energy which made her an Onimusha also funnels into her katana, making it become a ‘youtou’, a magic blade capable of sapping demonic and spiritual energy while in her grasp. The weapon sheds its decaying properties and becomes sharper than it had been in its previous life, with demonic energy gathered along its silvery blade, its power causes the flesh to repel from Tsunashi’s right arm, exposing the skeleton and the holy power residing within her. It also keeps her hand locked onto her blade- so that she may never let go of her blade again till the enemies before her are vanquished, and then she may sheathe it once more. ”I will not be thought a coward anymore!”

Equipment: Kiseru Pipe, Sake Jug.

Possessions: Nothing but the clothes and weapons she has on hand.

Prized Possessions/Personal Items: Ryuzi

Special Abilities:
Magic Resistance: She has a certain level of Magic Resistance thanks to her Beijionese blood.
Beijionese Breathing: She is dead. She doesn’t breathe.
Beijionese Bone Structure: Her bones are quite strong and durable, traditional Beijionese traits given their diet and thanks to her Beijionese Culture.
Chi Sense: She can sense the 'chi' flow of individuals nearby, especially those with ill intent.
Chi Weapons: She can summon Chi infused weapons.
[*]Swordsmanship: As a Bushi, she was expected to take the call to arms and slay her enemies with sharp cold steel. Her arts in swordsmanship come from many years training with fellow Samurai. In her day she could cleave many an enemy soldier, and even now she can kill that many more.
[*]Physical Condition:Her condition has changed drastically since death:

  • Strength: She has surpassed her own level of strength since she was a human. Due to her supernatural state and becoming ‘Onimusha’, she can outperform perhaps even the Shogun Dai himself.
  • Durability: Being dead has its perks. She can assume countless forms of damage without flinching as she does not feel pain save for emotional and spiritual pain. Holy prayer and exorcisms, blessed artifacts of mythril, silver, coldsteel are the only true ways of causing physical discomfort towards her. She can even regenerate her new wounds, and re-attach severed limbs, including her head.
  • Stamina: Being undead, she has nearly unlimited supply of stamina since she is no longer bogged down by her body’s constraints. In other words, she never tires. She could be performing an action for as long as she wants.
  • Agility: As she had been in life, in undeath she is as quick as ever. Rigor Mortis no longer stiffens her limbs, and she can move fluidly as she had in life. Her unlimited stamina allows her to keep up quick, precision attacks without stopping.
  • Accuracy: She was expected to have a flawless marksmanship record as Dai’s personal guard. Also acting as his competitive rival while alive, she had to keep her skills just as sharp as Dai’s in order to compete on an equal scale.
  • Acrobatics: She was also a highly acrobatic woman in her days. She can jump and climb higher than she could as a mortal, and her balance has become impeccable.

Super-Speed: Tsunashi can move herself so quickly that she leaves several images of herself when he moves; its due to her becoming a Yokai that she is capable of such speeds now.
Energy Arrow/Bullet: Tsunashi can shoot arrows or bullets fueled with ki energy.

Climbing: Due to her training, Tsuna is an expert with climbing surfaces, and is skilled at free running.
Wall Run: She can run across the flat surfaces of walls for a short period of time, tied in with her climbing abilities.
Weapon Mastery: Daichi is an expert in multiple weapons including various sword styles, axes and polearms, as well as archery & guns.
Rapid Slashes: Daichi can slash his blade, despite its mass and size, in a very quick, powerful succession of blows with hardly any fatigue. The ‘wind’ which is created from this even seems to draw enemies closer to his blade…
Sexy Clothes: Even in death, Tsunashi has a beautiful body. Her Gi and armor was taken from her corpse forcibly while she lay dying, so now wears only her sarashi and hakama. Her exposed thighs and how low her hakama is may suggest she is also lacking… other attire.
Rapid Blows: Tsunashi can punch her enemies multiple times in a blinding succession, her form quick and precise thanks to her training as an Izulan Bushi and training with Dai.
Quick Draw: Tsuna can draw and sheath her sword quickly thanks to her Bushi training.
Deflection: Tsunashi can deflect multiple blows and projectiles with her youtou, Ryuzi.
Bone Breaking Taijutsu: Tsunashi can use specific hand-to-hand fighting skills, grabs and acrobatic moves to break the bones of her opponents.

Magic Abilities:
Higa Shinobu Technique - Fusion Technique: she may fuse with another person knowing the technique, for a short duration. Elements of both characters are utilized, bolstering strengths as well as weaknesses.
Yokai Blast: She can radiate with immense yokai energy, capable of skeletonizing weak mortal bodies due to its caustic nature.
Omniblade Orbs: She conjures orbs from Ryuzi and sends them upon her enemies. They follow and track her target's movement, and upon colliding with a solid surface explodes with the energy given form as multiple slashes from her blade, as if she teleported in an afterimage to those locations and mindlessly slashes.
Mitsurugi Slash: She charges Ryzui within its sheath, her arm flaring up with yokai energy as she channels a wide, cutting arc upon her foe no matter the distance, as long as they are in her sight. The magical slash(s) project far larger than the length of her blade, cutting through almost everything as they make their way towards her foe.
Tsunashi Oshinokouji
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