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Post  Vern Silverfallow on Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:24 am

(From here)

Vern stands before the highlands of Death's Point, Domescadia. An old man stood before him, with long silver hair, wearing grey robes looks out to the Scardian Ocean with a greatsword stabbed into the grassy earth in front of him. The faded cape wavers on his back as the salty wind kisses the younger man's face. Vern puts an arm before his face, cringing from the powerful squalls. "Grandfather!" He cried out, taking forceful steps towards the elder man, sometimes referred to as the White Wolf of Izhevesk; the very same name of their special forces units. The older gentleman turned his pale red eyes upon Vern, and half smiles. "I see that you put pride aside and come to see me off, the 'dying' wolf I am." he chuckled. Yanking up the greatsword, a hollowed blade that seemed of Scardian make. As frail as he appeared, the elder man was able to heft the blade across his shoulder as if it was air itself.

Vern frowned. "...The next cycle is coming. I... I don't know what to do without you. I'm scared Grandfather. What if... if I can't control it? What if it hurts someone? Do you have to go, now?" He asked the elder man. The elder man frowned back. "Vernon. You must be brave. One cannot quell the beast within with fear or doubt in their heart. You must figure this out on your own, like your father before you, and myself before him. An old friend of mine saw the beast within me... not as a separate entity, but saw it equally as my rational self. You are both the beast, and the mortal, my dear Grandson. You descend from the Order of the White Tower after all, its our special gift we brought to the Order, us Silverfallow's. You need to quell your heart of doubt. I have to leave now my Grandson... I will be joining my old friend's side in his final journey." He paused, the scene of the afternoon sky on the horizon of the sea fading quickly, even as Vern reached out for his grandpa, running after him. "Wait! Grandfather!" He exclaimed.

"Follow the code... and never doubt yourself." His grandfather's voice echoed in the darkness.


"Grandpa..." Vern groaned, his eyelids fluttering open, his new environment was hazy...
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