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Post  Vega on Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:50 pm

The transport vessel made it without a hitch. Vega's intelligence had predicted an attack on seafaring vessels leaving Domescadia's waters. She was prepared for the worst while beginning her journey to Galideno, expecting to be cannon fodder for Abdel's Navy. Though it would seem luck was on her side, or the said info had been falsified. Abdel's Legion were becoming more cautious since she orchestrated the assassination of one of his Apophi Slave Masters. For the sake of other seafaring people, I hope that info was bogus. She thought. The Domescan military had been trying to get rid of Vega for a while now. The implications of the possible naval threat was chilling, given she had not released info of herself leaving Domescadia, or her reasons for departing. She blinked her crimson eyes, her mask obscuring her features as she gazed skyward at the setting sun. The night lamps of the harboryard were being lit by their electric fire; bluish green light illuminated the bustling crew and passengers making their way off the ship.

She could see the port authority begin to look through the visiting passenger's passports and papers. Undaunted, she handed her bogus papers, her alias being 'Artemis Darkfang' who hailed from Rolan. All this effort to keep her other Alias hidden, even though she was 'technically' in allied territory. 'Don't put down your guard because your in the company of friends, keep your friends close but your enemies closer', Dad's advice still rings true. Considering they've never once helped raise a finger to the Azure Knights cause, I am sure they will take advantage of me being here. Galideno is no safe harbor from Abdel... nowhere is. Not till that vile serpent's head is on a pike... She mentally reflected, her lips a firm line as the curious officer kept staring at her face, handing her papers back. She was a beautiful woman, but the mask that was necessary to wear in public was indeed... less than conspicuous. Her neutral expression turned into a slight smirk as she took her paperwork, winking at him playfully before wordlessly continuing her way down the gangplank.

Her white heeled boots clicked upon the docks, wood planks making way for cement foundation while she continued forth with a silver weaved whip hanging off her right thigh, and a dagger on her lower back, tucked behind her blue sash around her wide hips. The dagger was of ebony make, but she also had a blade made of plated silver on her person:
Commercial Docks Ebony_dagger_by_minamajikina77-dbk3coj

She had more weapons stashed upon her, but hidden out of sight by way of magics. Thus why she traveled with nary a luggage container or bag. Her skin tight outfit hissed as her thighs slid against one another while she walked; her hips swaying in a delightful and hypnotic display. Her derriere's curves jiggled slightly, as did her breasts when she abruptly stopped, looking about the populated dock area. She could see in the near distance, 'Restricted' signs barring off travelers from entering the warehouse areas. She tilted her head, her blond hair swaying with her curious and gentle movement. She wondered what wonders Tenik Industrial had behind its closed curtains and high walls. Unable to get answers here or from the strangers around her, she decided to continue her objective and leave the docks. She was supposed to meet with the party in question somewhere in this city, but she had arrived earlier than they wished her to arrive. She hoped it wasn't an inconvenience... nor a trap. When she received the correspondence a few weeks ago, she didn't know what to believe. Normally she did not take stock in 'benefactors' or allies to whom she did not recruit herself or personally observe in combat. But... there was particular seal which she couldn't ignore. Something no one could possibly know about. Trap or not, she responded, and she would find out answers in time. If it became a bust, and it wasn't a trap, she'd at least be able to procure more supplies for her 'Knights.

Wordlessly, the stoic Vega turns away from the warehouses and begins to walk into the streets. Normally, one would hail a cab or some form of transport; but Vega liked to stretch her legs out a bit and opted to walk into the vast metropolis instead.

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