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Post  Hijiko on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:47 pm

Hijiko, puffing her long pipe in a fit of quiet rage, strolls through the streets towards the town square, which was modeled similarly to Scardia's crown city, but with more of a Beijionese flair. She saw various Kitsunes and Furs who ran about the place, making use of the stalls, markets and other enmities which were very much real. As they say, 'A Kitsune's Illusion is their Reality', and so was it for those Hiji considered as guests to her illusionary realm.

She pointed to one of the nearby Kitsune who was buying fish from a stall, his ears folding back as he turned toward her. "Was it you?" she asked, harshly but not with full conviction in her tone. However her seemingly oppressive behavior despite her tone made him shiver as she approached, causing him to throw up his arms then flee from the realm. She frowned, her eyes lidded with her right brow twitching. "Damn it..." she groaned, turning to look at the others in town, who, as well, fled.

She began to tap her foot repetitively, her Kiseru bouncing at the edge of her mouth erratically and got slowly, physically angry. The skies got darker, more red than a peachy orange color; the clouds becoming black instead of light grey or white. She then softly sighed, planting her left hand upon her face; her Kiseru hanging limp. The skies quickly reverted to their original humble twilight. She slowly removed her hand, her beautiful eyes glancing up at the shops. "Perhaps... I may have just been careless." she admitted, feeling a bit ashamed, her ears drooping slightly in unison with her nine, out of the way tails. She appeared rather flustered of her actions, and she sighed once again. "Perhaps... I should visit the other side of the looking glass..." she proposed to herself, her body, like those who fled her 'rage' began to shimmer like a heat wave, before becoming thin like spaghetti then vanishing.

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