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Hijiko's Garden's

Post  Hijiko on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:28 pm

Hijiko sits upon a soft, fluffed out cloud, hovering low enough so that her feet could touch the assortment of tiles which line the paths through her garden outside her home. Her nine beautiful tails act as as a cushion, forming around her lithe body or draping over the back end, each snaking and curling as if each had a mind of its own. In contrast with the fluffy, silvery fur and long hair of her high tied ponytail, her golden fox-like eyes were sharp and narrow, honing in on imperfections to her illusion. "Hmm..." she hummed in a low, concerned manner as she dropped her slender legs down, touching the tiled pathway, her exposed sharp toe nails slipping across the tiles in an eerie nail on chalk board squeak. She took her delicate mortal hand out before her, wrapping it around a dying bloom of a rose bush, and within seconds it was back to its original vibrancy again. "Hrmm..." she grumbled, leaning back sharply, causing her rather endowed chest to bounce with her semi-haughty and mildly angry disposition! "Someone has been tampering with my Illusion..." she says out loud, turning to the city outside her gates. She should have been able to guess who it was, another of her race and rank no doubt, but still... the nerve to ruin her work? She made this place for those who wanted to keep just out of sight of the nearby mortal plane, this little pocket dimension wouldn't even exist without her!

Puffed up and angry, she decided to pay a visit to those dwelling in the town, walking out her gates, kiseru planted in the corner of her lips and slamming the gate to her mansion behind her as she strolled on down to town.


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