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Overview: Describing the Abyss Proper - Empty Overview: Describing the Abyss Proper -

Post  Abdel Adham on Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:27 pm

Informal by Milosh Shadowstalker, the Emperor's Huntsman and First Shield: "So, did you see that coming? No? Yes? HA! You just were thrown into the trench behind the throne, or you stupidly fell because of your curiousness, awkwardness or because of a real accident. Sorry about that! That's a real shame. As you since realize, that once you slip down that greasy incline - there is no turning back! Unable to stop your decent you will fall about ten feet (if you're lucky) onto a cobble stone path which runs across another very large hole cut into the chamber's floor.

Top Cycle - 'Hatamah'

Congratulations! You fell into what is called 'Hatamah', or better known as: "That which Breaks to Pieces". Those who survive this fall generally have broken bones, if not, they will be soon enough! You've entered the top level of Haawiyah, one of three Hells within the 'Abyss'. You will realize those strange noises you heard in his Excellency's Throne Room were the desperate, anguished cries of the tortured souls within this dungeon!

The Wardens in this abyss are Gorgons, informally called Medusa's, these creatures can freely phase themselves through the rocky walls of the prison, but why should they? You are their food source! Thats right, any weak or out of line prisoner is taken by the Wardens and consumed whole. Waste not, or so the phrase goes! They are also the only ones who can remove anyone from within the Abyss, and only then it is because of his Excellency's mercy shall he give one this gift. Also, the only natural light shines from the skylight above; you know? The hole in the ceiling you came in from? It is situated directly above the Emperor himself! From now and till the day you die or are free, those rays of hope beam from the Emperor, you will worship him as your God of Mercy from his benevolence of letting you go. Otherwise, torches and wall sconces filled with crimson flame is your only light in these parts from now on!

That is - if you leave at all! HA! Such silly peasants. Well, there isn't anything 'fun' down on this level, save for cells... Warden's quarters and torture implements. Three large spikes that are placed in the gaps of the floor extending down to the bottom chamber. Oh and the 'arena'. Heh, yeah forgot about that! The arena is a place the Warden's set up for entertainment. Those who win are given more benefits, like medicine, better food rations, actual drinking water, maybe even a spot of wine. Cheese. Oh, Domescan Goatsmilk Cheese! The best stuff! Ahem*

ANYWHO, this is only for the successful! Those who die well, they'll be someone else's dinner. Win enough rounds, and the Wardens may give ya weapon holding privileges while in the arena! Oh didn't I tell you? Its 'use what your can find' while in the arena. Those who win and have carried favor get an upper hand and carry blades. If you kill a guy with a blade, you get to keep it, naturally the Wardens don't match up sword users against first timers! No, it spoils the show!

Middle Cycle - 'Sa’eer'

Weren't so lucky to have fallen into the more reasonable cell cycle? Yet you survived? Woah. It could be worse. Granted, those who fall this far down don't generally live. Mortality rate due to falling on the single cushioned pathway or by missing it entirely is well... like very HIGH! I'm not good with numbers, okay? I'm not his Excellency. Sheesh. Get over yourself! Asshole...
Anyway, unlike the floor above ya, there isn't really much down here, again, save the pikes which extend up from the two large gaps between the pathway. You either caught one of these three pikes falling down, or you hit the path; hence why you still live. Ahem*for now...

Wha? Say what? I didn't say anything. No no. You've mistaken. Perhaps it was the Imps which live on this level? OH didn't I tell you? This cycle is called 'Sa'eer', also known as 'The Blaze'. The Imps live here, and live off your misery! They have a long standing bond with the Gorgon Wardens and with his Excellency, of course. They will do everything in their power, to mess with you. They will even steal your soul in the process! These little pyromaniacs are always trying to set you on fire! Let me tell ya, it ain't easy living with Imps! Amiright? Huh, huh? *nudge nudge* Wee joke? ...Bah, fuck you. *pushes into the next level*

Last Cycle - 'True Haawiyah'

Now... you either caught one of those three spikes that extend all three floors, or you landed in the water... by some miracle of Abdel Adham himself. See... the other two floors? They're easy. You land this way or that, you break a few bones or you die. Fall this far down? Well... your chances of being skewered by the spikes which adorn the cobblestone floors down here every five feet within this 500 foot radius? You'll probably wonder if it was a miracle you survived... or a curse.

Granted not many live down here. Many die and rot on the spears down here. Those condemned to the 'Abyss' proper, are better off dying. The floor above with the lovely Imps? That's one hundred fifty feet above ya. You are on the bottom rung, pal. Number 300, as in the maximum depth of this facility. Dark, gloomy and smelling of blood, feces, filth. No one can save you down here. Your gone. Dead. Condemned. However, remember those spears I spoke about? Yes, the Three Virtues of Abdel Adham? Oh?! They have NAMES you ask?! Why yes! Yes they do!

The Three Virtues of Abdel Adham, the three pikes which extend the length of all three cycles are "Fealty, Discipline and Strength", with any one of these three you can rise out of this Abyss and make your presence known to his Excellence, like me. Yes, I survived the three cycles, and climbed the three Virtues, I made my mark in the Arena and was chosen by his Excellence. I admit, I once hated our benevolent leader, he put me on the proper path though, sent me into the Abyss as a doubter, but I returned enlightened by his providence! You're goal is not to die down here, it is to survive. To reach the Arena, to proclaim your loyalty and devotion to his Excellency, the God King Abdel Adham! As one of his faithful, he will give you all the enmities you've ever really needed. So take this advice naive, if God King Abdel wills it, you will make it through this nightmare. Reflect, learn and remember these virtues. Fight your damnedest in the Arena... and become something... greater."

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