The Throne Room

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The Throne Room

Post  Abdel Adham on Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:20 pm

This room is 50ft wide by 100 ft long at the center far end of the room is where the Throne of the Emperor lies in gold, ivory and marble with red satin cushions. The walls and floor is made of polished sandstone, with six carved ivory pillars at either side of the room extending to the ceiling 30 feet above him. The ceiling is adorned with three gold chandelier that are decorated with sapphires and lapiz lazuli and ivory beads stranding from the six sconces on each chandelier. A magnificent skylight is set into the ceiling behind the throne, directly over 'the pit'. Behind the throne is a gap in the floor that extends the 50 foot length of the back wall. The hole drops five feet before making a sharp incline that is constantly covered in dripping grease which comes from under the floor of the throne room. This greasy incline falls into the mountain which the Citadel is built on, and leads to the dungeons of 'Haawiyah' [see that forum for specific details]. There are guards all around the room, and the room is other than the polished sandstone and ivory is decorated with black marble with white swirls... At the side of the room there are tables for Knights/Warriors and guests to sit at while the Emperor tends to his subjects...

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