Sanguine Shallows

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Sanguine Shallows

Post  Cyrus Dragonsworn on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:36 pm

Cyrus was going to dock at the Luxian Harbor, but upon getting low and seeing people slightly disturbed by his presence he decided to go a little inland instead. Sheesh, tough crowd. I only bring the marvel of the next generation. People shouldn't live in the dark ages... he thought somewhat callously as he looked for another place to land. Given his expertise behind the stick, he was a qualified bush pilot and knew how to make tight landings and take offs. He saw a stretch of lake perfect for landing and taking of on and began his decent.

The plane made wakes upon the water's surface, and he gradually let the plane crawl to a halt before car'ing it to shore. Once there, he dropped the forward cargo bay hatch and made his decent from the cockpit, down a flight of stairs and into the hull. He then stepped down the hatch/loading ramp and looked about, compass in hand. "Bah its not so bad. Machine gun on my waist, pistol and blade on my hips. Whats a hike through the woods to deliver some mail in this backwoods? Nah... I'll be fine. Just peachy." he said, semi annoyed by his predicament, but... what can you do? Shrugging his shoulders he made off into the woodland, heading towards the Capital City with Queen Heres' mail.
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