Farmland and Rice Fields

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Farmland and Rice Fields

Post  Steven Chesluk on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:12 pm

The elderly gentleman had his jacket folded under his left arm, and a briefcase in his right hand as he climbed the grassy hill, partly yellowed by the heat of the Beijio Badlands. Smiling as he climbed to the top, he set his briefcase beside the Sakura tree and pressed his hand over the carving he made into it nearly 200 years ago. "Heh..." the old man sighed, tracing his finger against the tattoo set into its bark; the elderly cherry-blossom tree's branches swayed in the humid wind. Steven turned away from it, grabbing his newsboy cap to keep it from being carried by the wind. He could see much of the farmland and fields which kept Beijio's food population in check. He felt a sense of melancholy, yet couldn't help but smile warmly despite himself. The land looked just as rich, just as fertile as he had seen it as a boy. It was a spot which held special meaning to him, where many events, both happy and sad, took place. Looking from here, he could also see the Beijio Mountainside, the Palace glinting from the carved plateau. He took his briefcase, opening it, setting the easel and portable chair, taking a seat, he begins working on a sketch. As a Forerunner, even if he was only half-blood, he could work on a thousand different activities at once, and using the Beijio Palace in the distance as his muse, the old man began to work on, and complete, the schematics and blueprints for a brand new settlement he had been interested in creating up high in the Guardian Mountains. "I...think I'll call it, Ithteca. It'll essentially be an extension of Galideno City. We need a decent, well fortified port. I may have just the thing which can turn a mountain city into a port..." he says, looking down at the schematics for a super elevator of sorts. It would need to be made of strong material, and the mechanism well fortified to work as the harbor slides up the face of the mountain and locks into place with such an immense weight of both ships and water, not to mention sea life carried by it. Unorthodox, but it will be necessary. Instead of ships having to sail around the Eastern tip of Gailden, they would only have to travel to Ithteca, who can then ship the goods by land to Galideno via a underground tunnel and railway he planned to install in Jemial to accompany this plan. However, it was up to the grandson of his best friend if the plans would be put into fruition or shelved. He was the acting President after all. "Hmm... I should probably get back... its been a week since I said I'd return..." he bumbled, blushing as he thought about it.

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