T.I.R.S. Armory and Shooting Range

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T.I.R.S. Armory and Shooting Range

Post  Mikaru Shinitase on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:14 pm

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Mikaru took the lift to floor forty-one, still trembling with her false bravado. Floor 41 was designed as a fitness center and training floor for T.I.R.S. Agents. She walked through the hallways, past windows that allowed looking in at exercise machinery and trainee's using said equipment. She ignored that too with a sense of anxiety, needing to take part in... P.E. yet for the weekly evaluations. Being Director could only allow you to get away with so much before you get hounded by the President and the Military Staff...

She past all these, heading straight for the armory which was connected to the shooting range. It was here, that Mikaru kept Oni-Sama in storage, as well as few emergency supplies of Stims, Revives, and well, snacks.

The door slid open, and the Director quickly, and silently walked past other T.I.R.S. operatives, making her way to her personal locker. She paused at the chain linked fenced in area before the locker room, turning to Schmidt who worked the range and armory with Josephine and Lobos. "I'm taking my Oni-Sama out for a personal venture Schmidt." she says simply, taking the sign out clipboard and signing her name and the date. "Classified reasons keep me from telling you why, Schmidt. But... I'll be back with her... at some point." she says, having to pause and grimace nervously.

Once she was finished, she entered the locker room, and entered the pin on her locker. Once finished, she opened the door, several wrapped snacks and treats falling from the top and now pooled around her ankles. ...I forgot about those. she thought. Agents nearby watched with curiosity, but the Director didn't react at all, remaining like a statue as she simply grabs all of her gear, including a large black case. She brought it over to one of the cleaning tables, letting the large case fall with a heavy BANG! Which startled many of the agents, who may have believed that a weapon had fired before reaching the range.

Mikaru, intent on her mission, opens the heavy case, revealing her old partner which was in scattered parts throughout the case, but she could see it her in one piece already:

Closing the case, she slid it from the table and made her way back out, heading to the elevator to head down to the parking garage.

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