Shrougaz's Hovel (Murktail Marsh)

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Shrougaz's Hovel (Murktail Marsh) Empty Shrougaz's Hovel (Murktail Marsh)

Post  Shrougaz on Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:36 pm

Shrougaz curled his long length out of his self made cavern, slipping from the mud like a long scaly worm (for which he would argue he was 'not' then just as likely eat you out of spite). He shook the clay like mud from his body and stood up, his upper body rising rather high above the ground, allowing the dragon adolescent a look of his territory. Murk, stink and bleak. Like he had left it before... It was truly boring, and he wondered if he should expand his territory out a little more... but avoid that swamp beast, who was his only competition in this area. The creature groaned, and began to scurry over to the edge of the woodland around this swampy clearing. Suddenly hearing loud ribbits, the beast rolled his reptilian eyes. "Greeeat... they're here too..." groaned the beast. "Keropins" The little devils were a nuisance, comparable to a frat/sorority party right next door to you, these little mortal like frogs were annoying to listen to. All they did was play, be loud and vandalize his hovel when he slipped out!

"Hrmm... I should move..." he grumbled. He began to slip out into the woodland, to at least spare himself an encounter with 'head bitch' or was it 'bastard' now? They were silly, chaotic little cretins. Too bad they tasted like snot, he'd eat them just to get rid of them; but even so he jests the idea. For annoying little frog-imps, they could be surprisingly cunning at times, even dangerous. Rather than start a fight, Gaz instead continued his existence with them. But for how long?


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