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Office of Generalissimo Krotos

Post  Generalissimo Krotos on Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:19 pm

Nicodemus Krotos paced his office anxiously, walking past the bow window several times, working out the machinations of his hastily put together plan, given the situation he was now forced into. There is an ill intent in the air... though small right now, I fear it will only get stronger in time. Things are quiet on the fronts, Domescadia keeping to themselves for once. I don't like this... Not only that, the eccentric Chief Scientist is overdue for his return. Despite my insistence, the T.I.R.S. haven't taken much stock into my concern. Maybe I should send someone to go and retrieve him from Beijio, I have a message which needs to be delivered to the Emperor regardless....but who should I send?the Generalissimo pondered. He rubs his chin with his right hand, his left folded behind his back as he turns towards his polished oak desk. He needed this courier to be at least decently trained, yet expendable in the event they are captured. He sat down, and began to pour over the information on his computer, running through possible candidates for the perfect courier. It may be paranoia, but he truly felt something was brewing under his nose and it didn't sit well with him. In the end, he needed a soldier with some combat experience, who wasn't afraid to make a name for themselves, but was safe to make use of in the event went awry. There was no doubt that Domescadia had spies here at the opposite end of the world; much like how they had their own in turn. He didn't want to throw this candidate to the wolves unprepared, but again, felt it would be a bit much to risk his best troopers. "Hmm... Someone who has experienced combat.." one of the names which came to mind was Grimoire D. Valentine, the Sargent he had been extremely impressed with in the Coreal Island campaign a few years back, but unfortunately for Nico, the man had transferred into the T.I.R.S. last year. He was a highly skilled individual, and without a doubt would have completed the mission without a hitch. But on that thought, he began to look through veterans of the Coreal Islands, and of a rank of Sargent. Many candidates appeared before him, but one of the files photo's caught his eye. "Hmm... she'll do well enough." he says, standing up, leaving his office to look for her hard copy file.
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