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HRM Goldleaf Express Courier Dispatch Station Empty HRM Goldleaf Express Courier Dispatch Station

Post  Cyrus Dragonsworn on Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:04 pm

Cyrus exits the station, delivery bag in toe. He had with him a series of letters that needed to be delivered to the outlying islands near Domescadia, a small Kingdom just off its coast in the middle of the Blackmoth Ocean. He would have to take the sea plane it would seem, as the area didn't have a runway of any sort, and according to the nearly 200 year old map of the area, it seemed to be too rocky or forested to land. He did see an opening to the East of the empire, but his gut told him to simply stick with the sea plane.

He pauses, taking a look at the deliveries he was making. All addressed to the Kingdom's Queen Heres Lunaspear by the looks of it, but found it odd that the letters apparently were 'put on hold' for nearly a week. He'd have delivered them ages ago, if not for that bit of business. Since he was under no obligation to open said parcels as it would be a breach of his contract and of International Law, he had no idea what was lain within. "Hmm... but why delay a Monarch of her mail? I wonder if its one of the nobles around here at play..." he mumbled, frowning. He'd not be surprised, as he's seen how venomous some of the nobles can act first hand. Still, they were not all bad-he found himself for one to be exceptionally free-minded and generous.

Chuckling to himself, he sets the letters back into his bag and begins to make way for the plane. Armed and ready for a possible dangerous trip ahead, he takes a Pegasus Submachine Gun from the armory with him just to be on the safe side, before heading for the coast where Goldleaf Express stored their sea vehicles. Being a courier was tough business in this day and age, only made slightly easier by the weapons and vehicle technologies, but it beat attending court and schmooze the King, not that he was a bad King, just... Cyrus preferred to stretch his legs outside Scardia.

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