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Post  Hextius on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:46 am

The large feminine beast's eyelids fluttered, rolling open from the distant, alien sound. Her hearing was greater than most creatures, and she knew it came from the faraway village of man to the west of her home. It was like a metallic 'clapping' and 'wooshing' of a blade as it shrieked through the skies. The demoness's tail beat against the innards of the cave, her massive body shifting within the loose rock, causing landslides outside to roll into long abandoned roads. She was curious to the sound, and had to peak her massive head from the mouth of the large cavern to the open world to see the thing which peaked her interest.

Her vision, her large golden orbs flashed, zooming in like rifle scope at the metallic dragonfly which was hovering and now lowering itself into the Keep.

The demoness let out a 'huff' before sliding back into her home, thinking of how to continue her day now that she had been dragged out of a rather pleasant and deep slumber....

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