The Throne Room

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The Throne Room

Post  Heres Lunaspear on Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:14 am

It had been a week or so since the Queen sent word, seeking a champion of sorts to act as her Protector. For now, Domescadia kept away from the small nation, and seemed to be in the dark about the Queen's plot.

Past a shrine for the Gods, lay the throne itself. Crafted from smooth stone, a skeleton of a Dragon stretched above it.

Torches at either side of her, the Warrior Queen sat upon her throne, and looked as depressed as she had a week ago from her balcony.

"Nobody has replied to my summons... not even the court Jester has made any reply regarding the declaration..." she says to herself, irritated. She shifted her narrowed eyes over to the baffoon, still sitting upon one of the upper balconies, spinning that migraine inducing noise maker, and laughing harshly upon balloons and floating, even once hinting at the Queens bust:

"I promised I'd spare that clown, but even my generosity has a breaking point!" She growled slightly, her ears stiffening, before she crossed her legs and leaned back into the throne. "Perhaps I should scout the land to the east myself then..." she says, sighing. "Perhaps that will help clear my head of this migraine and of this sour mood." she slowly stands up, taking the Blaise Spear which was inlay into the spine of the throne. The long red weapon having some heft to it, and it's enchanted blade gleaming crimson in the low light of the stained glass windows above.

"WAH-HA! Queen Lunaspear's BALLOONS FLOAT, try to grab one, AND YOU WILL TOO! WAH-HA WAH-HA WAH-HA!"

Cried the clown, laughing that Gods awful laugh. Heres was not impressed, and turned to the clown with an infuriated look. She held her tongue, but rattled in place for a moment, before she decided she needed air after all.

She could hear her guards following behind her, as she past the narrow hall of the throne room, and slowly made her way down and around the mess of corridors to the outside sections of the Castle. Making her way to the Royal Stables where her horse awaited her, her confidence and vigour slowly returning to her, as the prospect of unifying her land once again stirred in her head.

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