The Royal Chambers

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The Royal Chambers

Post  Heres Lunaspear on Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:33 am

Queen Heres stands out from the balcony, looking over her Kingdom. She leans, elbows propped against the marble balcony and looks out to the near by Capital City which hugs the sandy coast. She has the appearance of melancholy, biting her lower lip, her ears twitching above her in a partially drooped manner. Looking farther up, towards the treacherous mountains to the East of her Kingdom, past the mountains and the largest of the chain, Qlymypt Summit, where she's heard stories of a man-eating giantess hassling travellers. Past all these, and upon the thin line of coat which was barely able to be seen. Those were her countries grass lands, known as the Prapuq Territory. There were stories of a band of towns out there, where the criminals of her country escaped to. She felt worried about their presence, especially since the land has not since been occupied since the fall of the Northern Castle.

She turned towards the sea, and noticed the new, iron ships used in today's wars. She could make out the banner they carried, Adham's Warning:

"Domescadia...." she closed her eyes, gripping her fist tightly so that it rattled her armor. She turned away, her golden wolf like eyes glaring back into her room, pushing aside the cape she wore, letting it flap and twist with her turn. She walked into her Chamber, past the portrait of her long dead husband which she did not turn to in the slightest. She called forth her servants, as she was about to make a declaration to the world. She would need to reclaim her lands, unify them, and get them prepared for conflict by Domescadia who seemed to inch nearer to her coasts each day. She would need a mercenary to help inspire her forces to move past the harsh terrain of the East, and reclaim what was theirs. To avoid the eyes of the Empire, she would have to say she is in search of a Bodyguard, or a Protector.

"Even then... I'll have to be weary of Domescadia. They too would no doubt try to send a spy to vex me, perhaps seek my true intentions..." she paused, folding her arms, her left hand placed under her in chin in a look of pensiveness.

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