General Description (Plus a Map of the Kingdom!)

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General Description (Plus a Map of the Kingdom!)

Post  Heres Lunaspear on Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:11 am

Six slim, round towers surround the castle in almost a perfect circle around this incredible castle and are connected by huge, massive walls made of golden stone.
Tall windows are scattered thinly around the walls in seemingly perfect symmetry, along with asymmetric crenelations for archers and artillery.

A great gate with large wooden doors, a regular bridge and archer holes guards the only physically apparent entrance to the castle, and it is built close to the nearby Capital City, and the Prayw Highland just North of the Castle walls. To the North-East, lies the Qlyars Wilds.

Small and large buildings, houses and other structures populate the grounds outside the castle walls. This castle has clearly stood the test of time and its inhabitants are intend on making sure it stays that way for ages to come.

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