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Post  Katelyn Moonstone on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:19 pm

Kate continued through Galideno's poorer end of town. A bunch of buildings that were disused, and abandoned by their companies who up and moved to the more 'ritzy' end of the very large city. To this particular Wolf-Kin, however, she was unphased by the crime, poverty and gutter smell. The only difference between here and Gazatine, where she had to fend for herself like a stray dog with her tail between her legs, thrown into that world as a mere pup, was the God-forsaken heat. Unlike Galideno City, surrounded by grassland in a rather comfortable and temperate environment, Gazatine was at the center of the Gods Damned Domescadian Desert, one of the most remote, hottest environments in this world.

She grumbled, still pissed about the lack of activity, and thought she may as well catch the local gossip in town, as such valuable information was crucial to her cause.
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