The Silver Siren's Quarters

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The Silver Siren's Quarters Empty The Silver Siren's Quarters

Post  Anne Dieu Le Veut on Sat May 18, 2019 11:42 pm

A large room beside the Gold Siren's door and facing the Brazen Siren's across the circular shaped hall. It is a room stylized in the High Scardian style with white marbled tile walls and polished ebony wood plank flooring. A gold, full sized harp is against one corner of the room, beside a large golden vanity with silver backed mirrors. Oil paintings, canvas drawings and other works of art line the finely sculpted walls. A desk made of polished ebony wood is at the center of the room. A canopy bed with sheer white curtains surround a large mattress lined with silver satin sheets. Flowers and other potted plants are on display around the room, and a door leading into a walk in closet is on one side of the room, while the door on the opposite leads into a small bathroom area with a tub and toilet.
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