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Grimoire's Apartment  Empty Grimoire's Apartment

Post  Grimoire Valentine on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:00 am

Steam drifts from the open bathroom door, and Grimoire wipes at the mirror above his sink. His deep blue eyes stare back at him, blinking from behind wet bangs. He just finished taking a long hot shower, his toned yet slender body half naked in front of the sink as he tended to shaving and brushing his teeth. The light of dawn had yet to grace the great jewel of the Gailden Continent, and he had to get to the office in a few hours, and he had to beat traffic if he wanted to get to 'Tenik Tower' on time. Don't want to get my ass chewed by the Ellis or the Director for tardiness. I've had a good year so far. he thought, spitting and gargling before spitting again. Once finished he heads over to his bedroom, removing the towel around his waist as he strides over to the uniform he had hanging near his dresser.

He grabs the cologne on the surface, dabbing some on and then pulled out from the drawers and slipped on a pair of boxers and socks, adjusting himself slightly before he slipped into his suit. "Hm. I should get breakfast.... nah, take too long. I'll just pick something up at the office..." he says to himself, slipping his shoulder holster containing the large Griffon Revolver, his standard issue sidearm now hanging under his left armpit. He also took the the Galideno Service Special and slipped it into an ankle holster under his right pant leg. He slipped on his black jacket, buttoning up and securing his Tenik Industrial pin on the left lapel before grabbing his fingerless gloves, and began his way out into the street.

As he crossed through the lobby of the apartment complex, the sun began to drift is rays through the windows and the outside world. He nods to the doorman and then heads out into the streets.

The light is nearly blinding, covering his eyes as he began to make the long walk to the tram station. Around him, vehicles of various makes zoom past him, others making the daily shuffle like him crowd the street at even this early hour for the bustling city of Galideno, never sleeps:

Grimoire's Apartment  Fantasy_city_world_1_by_keskewolf-dakcu1p

Grimoire's Apartment  Grimoire_valentine_human_tirs_non_red_5ive_by_keskewolf-dal8dmu
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