Ancient Fortress Remains

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Ancient Fortress Remains

Post  Miellil, Lord Of Fire on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:22 pm

Deep in the Amaine, lie the remains of a ancient structure whose origins seem to have been lost to the defilement of time. What used to be the epitome of military structure, defense and order now remains a shell of its former glory. The forest has reclaimed much of the structure, with greenery climbing and sprawling through its once impenetrable stone walls and trees sprouting from its halls and foyers. There is a heavy stench of sulfur and vegetation rot that emanates from this place... for it is the temporary home of a fearsome Red Dragon...

Mielliel, the Lord of Fire is curled up into a tight, scaly ball in the middle of the fortress's courtyard. She slumbers deeply, guarding the vault of her treasures that remains deep within the earth, beneath this ancient structure. She is dreamless, stirring occasionally to yawn or scratch her fat belly, before returning to a deep sleep.
Miellil, Lord Of Fire

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