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Post  Silvyr Stagshadow on Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:30 pm

Silvyr Stagshadow sat upon the worn, gnarled root of a long dead Minktail Sequoia. It was where she often sat, with one leg upon the bent branch while the other hanged and bounced, usually when checking her gear or simply resting. She came to this spot since she was an elfling, a spot of reflection and contemplation.

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She listened to the chirping of birds, and the croaks of frogs from the pond behind her with its green waters. Though, it was only because the surface reflected the scenery around the glade. Emerald and brilliant, the waters themselves were crystal clear. She bathed here on occasion as well; especially during hot summer evenings where the water was at its warmest. It was no such evening, nor was it summer, but she was here all the same this mid morning hour. She was there, thinking to herself and listening to the wind blowing through the trees. Her large, brown eyes scanned the treeline for movement, not expecting any visitors to her secluded, secret spot.

She hummed sweetly, glancing up and closed her eyes with her long, dark lashes. The wind against her face and exposed left shoulder and arm felt nice, gentle and cool. Her plush, red lips pursed into a full grin, and she wonders if she should remain in Domescadia or head elsewhere to begin yet another quest for treasure, or simply the adventure itself. She hadn't fully explored Minktail, no one has. However, she was curious about the object hanging around her neck, which was found at this very spot by her great-great-great-great grandmother. Likely the key to some long forgotten, complex puzzle in a yet undiscovered cairn or temple deep within these very woods. Perhaps not. Either way, the fact of the matter was that she found it all entertaining.

She leaned back, humming in a feminine, attractive manner as she lifted her arms above her head, her left hand laced around her right wrist where a heavy clawed gauntlet was equipped. Stretching in this manner, her rather large, DD's bounced behind their mix of leather, see-through silk, and steel plating. So large and heavy they were, she had no control of their movement at times. She didn't notice, a mix of her being simply used to their seductive sway and the fact her eyes remained closed yet; if there had been any onlookers gawking she would not be in the faintest aware... then again, she would have heard such with her rather endowed ears. Long, upright, they picked up the faintest of sounds. She was good at tracking, hunting, and picking locks because of them. Also at hearing potential ambushes, or when traps were set off she was able to hear the grinding of gears or the metallic ping of the release in time to evade a gruesome demise.

She sighed, legs crossed, arms still above her head; she was bored and needed to get a move on if she didn't come to a decision soon. It was hard to pick a path with such a wide world at your hands, which way should she head first?

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