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Post  Queen Ysolda Bright-Spear on Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:45 pm

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The Queen's heels echoed throughout the marble halls of the keep, the light shining through the open stain glass windows cast long shadows of her feminine form as she walked past them. The cape she wears sways around her shoulders as a light breeze fills the expanse, the blade on her hip and shoulder clinking with her movements. Her ample bosom jiggles as she walks with her quick, diligent gait. Her sharp, green eyes gleam like Beijionese Jade, shining with a refined brilliance and wisdom from her years within the Keep of the first High King. How many have passed through these halls of Scar'd? Seen its history of his time as King, living longer than any other mortal human to record date? It has been destroyed, rebuilt and replicated a few times since, but never has it fallen into the hands of the enemy or an outsider. Thanks to Scar'd and his will, the palace, nay the country has been able to keep its identity in check. We have prospered, we have seen famine, disease, war... but we survived. Some of my countrymen may not agree to this, with case in point the allowance of Tenik Industrial in bringing their business into our borders... given what happened several years ago. But, we cannot deny that their developing technology is a valued asset, and not to mention we are on good terms with their leaders. To oppose them in these trying times, as Abdel Adham just north of our country is only becoming stronger. Its best to keep our friends close in these... dark days. She thought, going over in her head some of the heavy subjects going around the court these days, as well as generally reflecting in silence as she crossed through these mostly empty halls.

Armored suits line every five feet in pairs on either side of her, all bearing the crest of Scardia, the banner of House Scar'd. The official flag of Scardia. She paused her movements to stare at the crest. Centuries old, it is the original flag which represented the Clan of Scar'd, the first High King of Scardia. Depicted in the nation's proud colors of blue and dark blue; an artistic depiction of the Dragon which Scar'd had slain to prove his legitimacy to rule is lain upon a decorated cross of tarnishing gold. "Deeds over wealth," she says as she looks upon its symbolic meaning. Her cool voice echoes throughout the halls, though it was a simple whisper. She approaches one of the open windows beside the armored statue, and stares down into the courtyard of the keep and to the Castle Town beyond. She could see the White Tower, one of four towers that once dotted the four corners of the city's outskirts, but now only one remained. She wondered now if Old Hrothor was having much difficulty with his students, or if he was simply keeping to himself in his office. I should visit some time, it has been a long while... She thought, resting her hand upon the sill.

She closed her eyes, feeling the cool breeze upon her skin. It was going to snow in the Capital soon, she could sense it. She remained there for a moment or two longer, before reopening her eyes, removing herself from the window, and continued down the length of the hallway to get to the next room.
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