The Dunes of Domescadia

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The Dunes of Domescadia

Post  Amaines, The Hungry on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:18 am

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Amaines' pained expression was all one needed to know that she was suffering abdominal cramps badly, and she needed some release. I can't hold it in any longer, damn that meaty mortal... if anything she did have the last laugh I suppose... but she was deliciously worth it! She thought, but her smirk turned into a frown again. The large red beast spread her wings and landed upon the sandy dunes of the vast Domescan Desert.

"Heh... well you've done your time, Miss Director. Time for your last-- ooof, stahp..." she groaned at the last bit, squatting down with her immense size. She sat on all fours, her hind legs spread and squatting deep, her pert anus began to relax and widen.


Her bowls released the pent up filth that had accumulated from Mikaru's remains, as well as other prey she had devoured along the way and before her. Bones of animals littered the filth pile which formed upon the sandy landscape, as well as a heel to one of the director's shoes, corroded weapons beaten by acid damage and clothing and hair fibers. A rib cage, skull and some leg bones also appeared from the stinking faecal pile.

"Haaaaaaahhhhh.....much better, phew...." Amaines sighed, cringing only to spurt out another glob of shite over the pile. Her bowels clear of compaction, the large Dragoness turns to look down at her 'creation' from the left overs of the Director. "And so, the T.I.R.S. Director was never seen nor heard from again~ And the hungry Dragoness continued her journey through the desert unopposed. Tis a shame though... if you had that inner fire you had when you were young Director... I wouldn't have cut our friendship off. I shall miss our occasional chats.... ah well." She sighed, turning her head away from the stinking mound, stretched her wings wide and then shot up into the sky! She then made a course for the Domescadian Capital...
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