Abandoned Tenik Warehouse 79B

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Abandoned Tenik Warehouse 79B

Post  Random Mobs on Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:52 pm

The green and black Gunslinger's peeled into the dock:

(yes I know it aint green nor black Razz)

Huel looked around, noticing the Harbor Master approaching. Before the Harbor Master got to ask Huel anything, one of the Wolfkin approached and handed the man a stack of 500 Galideno Notes. "Look, we needs some time hauling out our shit. If you see them police buzzing about, let us know ahead of time and we'll give you another stack, okay? We're going to be hanging around for now so keep us posted, capiche?" he says to the Harbor Master who looks at the group before shrugging, taking his pay off. He didn't care what Tenik Industrial lost, if it made him more money and kept him alive. The kind of people Huel liked working with.

Huel turned to the wolfkin and a few of the other members of the crew. He turned to them all, nodding. "Just in case, everyone keep a piece on them at all times. If you catch someone snoopin', take'em out as quietly as you can. We don't need the police on our asses because someone's gotta trigger finger." he explained, sweating nervously yet. Once everyone seemed in agreement, Huel heads into the Warehouse. There was about 18 other members of the crew, and for obvious reasons, the more suspicious characters entered the building behind Huel, including the Wolfkin. That left about six to run patrol outside the building. Save for one, they were not heavily armed if only to keep their suspicion under the radar. All had pistols, .38 in caliber that were either old Police Model Service Pistols1, Pilot Pistols2, or a Quicksilver Mod. 1 Semi-Auto Handgun3. Many hid their guns from plain sight, either under their coats or behind their waist bands. The heavily armed grunt was carrying a sawn down stock variant of a .458 Tenik Domescadian Model 60 Assault Rifle4, which he held under his long coat at his side.

Irregular rounds around the building were made by these six, weaving around industrial supplies, shipping crates and the like commonly seen around the harbor. The reason for their being there, though the particular warehouse was not in use by Tenik Industrial for some time, the yard itself was used as an impromptu storage area by the harbor's workers. Cameras around the area didn't belong to Huel's crew, and they were not being patched in or hacked into by them either. The docks otherwise were quiet.

(Images Key)
1(.38) Galideno Service Revolver Mk. 1
2(.38) 'Pilot Revolver'
3(.38) Quicksilver Mod 1
4(.458 Tenik) Domescadian Model 60 Assault Rifle [Sawnoff vers]
(for more info on above weapons, check these links:

(Handguns of Galiavan 2282)

(Rifles of Galiavan 2282)

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Re: Abandoned Tenik Warehouse 79B

Post  Grimoire Valentine on Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:46 pm

[From Here]

Grimoire arrived not too long after his T.I.R.S. Regalia auto driven itself and parked near the docks. Reunited with his vehicle, Grimoire began to cruise the area, using the tracking device he had slipped onto Huel lead him to the condemned man. It was soon clear however, that the tracking device lead him into the restricted section of the harbor yard. Curious, given how it was again, Tenik Industrial property. Which means he had to get passed security. It would implicate a breach of security in the Harboryards, if not full corruption of the Tenik Employees who worked in this area. I can't fully condone them. If you're not with the military or white collar staff, you're basically working twice as hard for three times as less salaries. Throw in an idiot mobster who flaunts cash better spent on his appearance and wardrobe... not that it helped him any, and he's got loyal dogs. Throw a hungry dog meat, and he'll let you scratch his back. Feed him enough, and he'll be faithfully yours. Grim frowned at these implications. It would also mean that he'd have to imagine that any of the harbor workers could potentially be in Huel's pocket. He'd have to tread carefully and slip in without the Harbor staff becoming aware of his presence from here out.

Thankfully, the T.I.R.S. squad cars were nondescript, but he'd still have to hide it before beginning infiltration. He parked an area down from Huel's current location. Taking a moment to gather his senses and mentally prepare for what he would have to do. Using his phone, he wirelessly hacked into the Harbor's security footage, studying it closely alongside the area's topographical map. He saw some blindspots he could take advantage of, and areas he could hide should he see unwanted company. The stealthfield generator Chesluk was working on still hadn't been issued yet, but it would make this mission a helluvalot easier. While observing the cameras, Grim could see the warehouse he was headed to. The attached notes he dug up suggested the building had been abandoned for the better half of six years. No reason was given, as it was structurally sound and still met Harbor regulations according to the Harbor Master's reports. In the meantime its front lot was being used as unofficial storage. Nothing jumped out of the picture there, save the six suits wandering the yards grounds aimlessly.

Grimoire furrowed his brow. Sentries. I didn't need training to see that. Can't tell what they're armed with, our satellite isn't in position yet. I don't expect pea-shooters... Huel's not there. Hm. He must be inside. I'll have to work my way around the muscle then... He thought, then another thought occurred to him. If the Harbor was in Huel's crew or his supervisor's pocket, he couldn't call for backup. Not just yet anyway. He checked his phone for his superiors, to see if any were yet active. Director Shinitase seemed to have clocked out early. His Captain was also unavailable. There was the Deputy Director, Senior Agent Stratus... but from what he knew of the man, he wouldn't send an air support team less Grim had solid proof. He'd have to record his findings inside and then wait behind enemy lines...

Just like old times. Either the Crimson Scarves or T.I.R.S., it seems I'm always slipping behind the enemy's trench and clearing out a path... He sighed inwardly, closing his phone. Stepping outside, Grimoire closed and locked the Regalia behind him. He would begin the operation now.

Grimoire slipped through the areas where the camera's could be taken advantage of. There was the matter of chain link fences, but he was able to climb and vault around their barbed wire without so much as a snag. For the areas where the cameras had been stationary, he used a bust transmission of data to temporarily tamper with the footage. For the security guards watching, they'd see a burst of static similar to faulty equipment before it would return to normal. Grim, by then, would already be one step ahead and out of sight.

Ghosting through the harbor's maze, he finally made it outside the Warehouse Huel was located. I wished I had some of this tech when I was fighting in the Coreals. It would have made my life easier then. He checked the tracker via his sunglasses HUD, just to triple check on Huel,  and saw that the man had yet moved more than a few feet. It indicated he was still inside. Now, for the somewhat hard part... He told himself, crouching low behind shipping containers, he began to silently stalk the sentries. Keeping out of sight for the most part, or in the shadows, Grimoire planned his method of dealing with them. Slipping his hand against the side of his watch, he twisted an additional knob that would have no sense to be on a fancy watch such as this, and pulled out a length of thin wire from its internal spool. The garrote was made of reinforced carbon fibers laced with thin strands of mythril and dridder silk. Expensive stuff used as support cables on Airships. Granted, he had his gun and knife, but he wasn't planning on killing lest he had to. Though it would temporarily solve a problem, it could potentially raise suspicion for those inside the warehouse should the guards posted not report in periodically.

Like a phantom, Grimoire clung to the shadow of a sentry making his rounds around the shipping crates beside the warehouse. His catlike movement was eerie, Grim was no more than a foot or so behind the man, keeping pace and crouched, his shoes not scuffing the ground or making excess sound that wasn't being made by his mark. To his mark, perhaps it would have been a blur of black, a sudden shift in movement or perhaps even completely unnoticed, but Grimoire abruptly shook off his mark, ducking behind a pile of large pipes he could fit himself into. From there, Grim observed closely, his right eye watching footage of the warehouse briefly before turning his attention to his mark. For the moment, Grim was undetectable on camera, and was positioned close enough to the building, but still out of sight. He needed a distraction to get past the sentries, take them out, or seek a different path. He saw a fire escape from this angle which he didn't see on any of the cameras in this warehouse area. Potentially a part of another set of camera's feed, Grim didn't have the luxury to sit and review the other cameras. It seemed like a safe bet, and of the six roaming about, they seemed to have ignored it entirely.

I'll make that my point of entry, Grim mentally noted, his attention switching back to the patrol, to observe them close at hand.

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