Mainland, Jungle Interior

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Mainland, Jungle Interior

Post  Molly Blackhorn on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:46 pm

The Corporal was rocking to the beat of a punk rock song, bobbing her head while she was inspecting the posted signs around the entrance to the jungle. The Jager Assault Carbine was bouncing against her butt, the strap caught between her breasts, causing her already taut cropped tank to conform around her bobbing assets even more. She was not a shy one, and given this tropical heat she traded personal comfort for modesty. Besides, Molly wasn't ashamed in showing off what her mother gave her!

She sashayed to the line of barbed wire they set up for two reasons: to keep the enemy Domescadians out, and to keep Galideno's own units from crossing into the mine field they had set up beyond the barbed wire. Granted, not much fighting was done these days; its been four years since the Concordat took control of this part of the island's interior. The way Molly heard it, there was bloody trench fighting on coast line that lasted a better part of three years before they were able to push back Domescadia's numbers with Chesluk & Tenik's more superior weapon systems. She was part of the newly re-formed Cavalry Platoon stationed on the Islands. Their Armored Bulldogs with their .458 Tenik Mounted Machineguns on top, made the Concordat's Cavalry a beast not to be reckoned with. Once the enemy heard their engines, their fate was already sealed as Molly and friends would soon after rain the .458 rounds upon their ranks in a hail fire of screaming lead! They had annihilated platoons with this tactic, though the jungle was a bit of a struggle to drive through. Her Lieutenant was waiting for the Corps of Engineers to deliver some workers to help make their advance through the Northern Jungle that much easier.

The sweaty young woman took a break, adjusting the barbed wire before taking a seat by a nearby ration crate, setting her large rifle beside it. Still banging her head to the music from her earbuds, She unclasped the water canteen from her hip and knocked it back. Closing her long dark lashes, she gulped deeply. Small bulges dipping down her slender neck with each hearty gulp of hydrating water that felt cool and refreshing to the touch! Her plush red lips peeled back into a satisfactory grin, still guzzling a decent share of her metal canteen's contents before finally peeling it away from her lips, using her free arm to wipe said lips afterwards. Sighing contently, she blinked her lashes and looked about the jungle environment. She could see the outskirts of camp down the hill from where she was, and a few soldiers here and there still operating on patrol. As a Corporal, she didn't have much pull, but she did lead a small squadron of their Platoon's most qualified assault weapons specialists. When it came to unloading as much pain and rounds as possible, the NCO's and L.T. came to her for support. It would take time yet before she would be a Sarge, but she didn't complain with the station she had yet. Granted, as an officer she'd be expected to follow dress conduct more strictly without a doubt, to which she promptly would say 'fuck that' within a heart beat.

Been a few months since I've been stationed here. I wonder how Grandma is doing, letters have been coming less frequently than they used to. Just the same, hardly any action has happened here!
When I first arrived, we were forced right into a combat situation against two Enemy Platoons! They didn't last long with our assault of course, but now its been like, DEAD ever since!
She thought, sighing heavily at her disappointment. She wanted to unload some cartridges into something already, its been months since they had a decent skirmish or encounter with danger! A little bump in the monotony is all she asked for! She sighed again, boosting the volume of her phone, the punk rock song radiating from her ears as she collected her weapon and decided to head back to camp.
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