Hangman's Row

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Hangman's Row

Post  Kisaragi Hinomoto on Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:43 am

The main concourse of Minktail Harbor, also known by some as 'Turnup Harbor'; not because of the unusual overproduction of the turnip, but because when a select group of people go missing: the criminals, fugitives and refugees? They 'turn up' here.

Lawless, rowdy and stinking to high heaven, this harbor is generally avoided by most reputable sailors.


Almost out of place, surrounded by obvious criminals, pirates and swindlers, the attractive young woman bounces to the beat of the heavy guitar solo thrashing in her ears. The heavy metal drowns out the noise population of the populated concourse. She bobs her head to the music while walking to the garage where she was to pick up the off road truck that would carry the 'goodies' she was to deliver to the Izheveskians up north. She had an unusually comfortable sail from Rolan where she had been contacted by Professor Chesluk. Though this was cutting into her personal vacation time, sun bathing on the sandy shores of Bries Harbor, it was a personal request from her mentor and she accepted the scientist's call immediately. She still carried the duraluminum cases containing Chesluk's gifts to the Tsar and his peoples in an effort to try and sweeten relations with Galideno's 'Northernmost Cousins'. Though, they're more cousins with the Scardians if you ask me. The Beijionese woman thought, shrugging yet kept her smile, lost in her own world and bounce in her step.

Her breasts also bobbed and bounced to the voluptuous young Kisaragi Hinomoto; being gifted with such eye-grabbing and attractive features. She hummed the vocals of the next song in her playlist, which was softer than the previous instrumental. She was getting close to the garage now, and she was relieved to finally to be rid of the heavy cases that were both electronically and physically locked; the brass padlocks securing the goods held within. The key for which was in a place only few would dare go about searching...

Pausing before the garage at last, she breathed a sigh of relief, looking about before getting close to one of the doors, wedged the knob between her forearm and the bare skin of her lower left torso, twisted the knob, then pushed. Slipping inside she spun around the door, getting behind it with a swift grace, before, bending her right knee and kicked the door with her heel to close it behind her now that she lugged the heavy luggage she was burdened to carry inside.

"Phew! Finally Here!" she screamed, the music player's tracks still playing loudly in her ears, the cords extending from the ear buds bouncing against her impressive rack, between the crevice of the lovely folds of her cleavage, across her toned tummy and naval, before ending upon the player affixed to her right hip. She sets the cases down briefly, smiling as she removed her ear buds, letting them fall at her shoulders. She began to search for the vehicle in question left for her, sign for it, then begin the next stretch of her little adventure.
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