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Post  Qis Willowjumper on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:13 pm

Qis sat cross-legged in shallow end of the Mangrove, upon a lilypad capable of holding up a human's weight; half her thighs and well rounded bottom was submerged in the rather clear azure waters of this stretch of salty mire.

Lilypad Mangrove A84f16ac8532d5a87cb0b1c931d835b9_by_anastasiadfaizland-dayzqag

It was raining, and the frog-like woman used one of the leafy fronds from a nearby mangrove plant as an umbrella of sorts to keep herself out of the colder rain. Qis blinked her large, environment encompassing eyes, a silly, frog-like expression permanently plastered to her face as she stared at the fishies swimming in the water. She was bored, and being a loner, did the seemingly random tasks such a random individual would do. She had been at it already for several hours, but her butt didn't ache yet. She wasn't necessarily hungry either at the moment, nor did she want to splash and play around. There was another pod of Keropin not tooo far from where she was currently, but for some unknown reason, felt no desire to seek them out and play with them.

"Perhaps..." she speaks, in a hushed soft voice to a frog sitting on a smaller lilypad not too far from her. "...this is what 'they' call... DEPRESSION!" She exclaimed at the last word, not sure what it meant, as she giggled and watched the frog leap into the water to swim with the fishies as well. She smiled, looking up into the soaked leafy canopy of the forest trees above her. The odd uniform she found off one of those 'Tenik' Supply trucks fit her like a glove. The moisture dripping away from its skin tight surface and it kept her warmer than it had when she was simply running about stark naked like the rest of her pod... where ever they went off to. She hadn't seen Big Momma in ages. Knowing them, they probably went off to have fun at another grotto. Crossing the ocean is no easy feat, which Qis knew firsthand; she was MILES away from her home pond! Her tropical Yakamoto~
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