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Post  Sid HighWind on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:30 pm

Sid, covered in grease finally pulls away from the giant turbine that would be used in the latest airship under the Galideno Concordat's flag. "Phew, that took a bit longer than I wished. Restoring a 30 year old part back to life is not easy. Doable, but not easy..." he exhales, bringing his right hand to his left shoulder; rubbing the numbness away after being subjected to a single position for several hours with only a couple twists and cranks here and there.

He extended his arm, feeling it crack and the muscles tighten as he twisted it. Yup, that be rheumatism in ten years... He thought, before twisting his neck into an angle sharply, eliciting another cracking sound. "Urg... that too..." he grimaced, running his oily hands through his sooty hair, forcing himself to take several steps back from the turbine, before turning and looking down at the half assembled airship in question:

Tenik Warehouse 77B  Latest?cb=20140730153328

A large airship indeed. Max Capacity was over 500 souls; but Sid knew, he knew his airship would fly twice that amount, if not four times. Heh, the HighWind will never need to be fueled, it'll carry one of those fancy life force reactors inside its core. It will have the ability to let helicopters to land and take off while in mid flight from it, house an entire platoon of soldiers as well as the President's family... It'll require a lot of Mythril to build though. I just need to get the President's approval, if I'm ever given the chance to speak with him. He thought, sighing as he leaned over the railing, frowning.

It's hopeless though, for now anyhow. Curse me for having a genius intellect but lacking the means to put my thoughts from paper to a tangible creation! He thought again, pulling at the tufts of oil drenched reddish-brown hair at either side of his head, groaning with clenched teeth as he shook in frustration.

"Ugh! I can't stand it anymore! I'm going for a walk!" he exclaimed, jumping from the railing as he dropped the thirty feet down to the main floor, using magically conjured wind to help prevent his fall from being lethal. landing on one knee, the handsome, yet, oil drenched man stands tall and makes his exit from the warehouse floor and to the outside docks in the Tenik section of the Docks.
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