Sublevel 4 - Main Fighting Arena - Locker rooms

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Sublevel 4 - Main Fighting Arena - Locker rooms

Post  Regis Black-Fire on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:40 pm

Regis entered the locker room, and despite Oromov's presence, allowed his rage to boil again. His fist embedded itself through several empty locker doors, scorching their contents with malice and rage. "Gods damn it all.... My biggest payday of the month, canned because that bloody moron got himself killed!!" Regis roared out, even as the tiles beneath his feet blackened and bubbled as the violet fire blazed around his body.

Opening his own locker, he brought his power under control grudgingly, and began changing from his fight clothes to his usual suit. He was half tempted to simply up and leave the Bliss entirely, but with that damn Black Serpent right here, Regis wouldn't get a mile outside Galideno before being picked up by Oromov's people. And that thought, the thought of being trapped, made Regis boil again as he slammed the door to the locker right off it's hinges, before storming out.


"I may be a bastard, but by blood and by honor I am still a son of the Clan Blade-Breaker."
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