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Post  Akemi Higa on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:22 am

Akemi paused, taking cover behind a thicket of bamboo, using its dark shade to hide her presence from her pursuers which passed over head. She held her breath, eyeing them carefully as they continued their search for her. She didn't quite figure who 'they' were entirely, only that when she was getting closer to the Busujima Territory she was abruptly attacked. However, they didn't appear or seem to be members of the said Clan. She'd have to report this to her brother the next time she visited the Palace.

They didn't appear like Ninja from any of the distinguished clans. Plus from how easily I've avoided them thus far, I'm gonna throw out a guess they're rookies. They could be rogue, or simply bandits, though why target me is beyond my reasoning. She pondered, sighing before she carefully crept back to the paths. For the moment, she seemed to have evaded their detection. It was creepy though, if they were bandits they didn't attempt to announce themselves, and through the entire encounter not even one of them seemed to have spoken at all, not even in conversing with one another. Their mannerisms confused her, unless they purposely led her out into the middle of no where intentionally; which could be true.

She gathered the Ki in the surrounding area to help her detect any ill presences; but found none. No signs of any traps either... huh, this is seriously odd. She thought, deciding to backtrack. She was sent to see if Lady Hiyori was well enough to be seen. The woman vanishes for a year, and there have been rumors of a pregnancy, despite having no lover that any of the public are aware of. There have been the rumors of her being enamored with the Prince, but the idea they had an illegitimate child together, made Akemi laugh. Even so, the rumors didn't really point any fingers, only suggested she was seen with child about a month ago.

Akemi didn't fully buy into any of it though, accepting the story which her Brother had told her: She got sick, it was potentially TB so she isolated herself. Hiyori's father's death which happened about a month and a half ago would suggest this theory held some truth to it. The Old Thunder-beast supposedly succumbed to the disease, and it could perhaps mean most of the family had been infected with the disease. Bad way to go. Withering away, spewing blood from your lungs every moment while getting frailer and weaker with the passing days. She shivered at the thought, causing her well endowed chest to quiver as well.

Not only that, it was getting cooler out. If she didn't circle back to the manner soon, she'd likely have to rough it out in the Ryunoshi wilderness. Not totally fond of the idea, with Torahime, Giant Man-Eating Toads and other such similar creatures, not to mention bandits and Kitsune roaming these woods to make a grievous mess of her day. "Hah..." she sighed again, frowning as she used her muffler to cover her nose and mouth, able to see her breath due to the cooler temperatures.

She began to head in the opposite direction from those inept ninja and began sprinting to keep herself warm:

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