Deep Forest

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Deep Forest

Post  Tsuki Takatsuji on Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:02 am

Tsuki trained in a clearing deep within the forest. Testing her accuracy, the young woman threw several kunai up the carved notch in a tree she had been practicing on for the last hour or so. She would do this in various ways, angles and positions as she sprung from cover, using her clan's aerial capabilities and acrobatics to launch the throwing knives. She back flipped, her assets bouncing behind her top also swaying with her twisting movement as she casually threw several blades while upside down, to her time seemed to have slowed down as she did.
Her skirt flapping wildly, briefly exposing her well rounded buttocks and her thighs, a white thong like fundoshi visible before the red silk fell over again as she landed on her feet, before immediately back flipping once more, landing on two feet while tossing six more kunai, three in each hand, crossing her arms out and across her chest as sent them flying.

The kunai lined up against the trunk, and the sweaty, sexy Tsuki Takatsuji began to sigh, smiling. Her endowed chest bouncing with her heavy breathing, she shook her hair, her long ponytail flapping with her parted bangs, her reddish brown hair slinging sweat left and right. "Phew..." she breathed, taking this moment to finally relax. "That was a bit of a work out." she continued. She had been training for several hours, but needed to move on after this quick break. Perhaps test her abilities on an aggressive creature, to keep her abilities in check.

She walked over to a stump beside the tree she'd been practicing on. Tell tale slash marks and bludgeoning grooves pocketed the tree's trunk deep, showing heavy use as a practice dummy by Tsuki the past few days. She retrieved one of the Kunai there, stabbing it into the trunk beside her, while rummaging through her breasts for the leather bag filled with water. She took the water in greedily, sighing contentedly before speaking out loud:

"Huh... Guess Gramps is going to be escorting the Emperor soon on a trip to Scardia. Lady Hiyori is going to be rejoining the Imperial Staff too. A year away from duty, I wonder if the old hag isn't rusty. Heh." she takes another swig, before continuing. "I wonder if Lord Blade-Breaker is doing well. Its been a while since I've seen him; given my extended training." she shrugged.

She still had the Tenik Phone he gave her, but still its functions other than working the camera and turning it off/on was all she could somewhat understand.
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