Abandoned Inari Kitsune Shrine

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Abandoned Inari Kitsune Shrine Empty Abandoned Inari Kitsune Shrine

Post  Hijiko on Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:31 pm

An overgrown shrine located deep in the Bamboo Wood of Ryunoshi. It is here that an old shrine to the Inari Kitsune was left in disrepair. However, the place is still a holy site and worthy of worship.


Hijiko, having given up looking for the culprit, decided to visit one of the less frequented shrines deep in the Ryunoshi woodland. The bamboo around her swayed with a gentle breeze as she gracefully walks upon the holy shrine she once attended herself when she was a much younger one-tail kitsune. She frowned though, the state of disrepair was obvious: broken beams, moss covered wood, idles needing repair. However, the flowers which bloomed here were beautiful, so she second guessed about attempting to repair the old shrine. It's Miko's and attendants had long since moved on or having found their practice at one of the other shrines in Ryunoshi. For the meantime, Hijiko decided to sit upon the rotting carved steps leading into the destroyed remains of the shrine to rest for a while, while she reflected on the current state of the world.

The mortals are going to be fighting a pointless war again. I'll have to be sure to keep the proper barriers in place should they attempt to harm us, directly or not. She thought. She could catch the scent of a few mortals in the area, either wandering or having lost their direction. She grinned. It had been a while since she had some mischief, she could always have fun turning them about even more before she'd get bored and either direct them to a cliff or their village homes. It was all in good fun for her, and it was nothing personal. Humans were just... fun to toy with.

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