Blackmoth Ocean

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Blackmoth Ocean

Post  Amaines, The Hungry on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:31 am

Amaines headed north from Mount Risa, having quickly stopped off at the Guardian Mountains to inform a few of the old ones which still lived in those valleys. The old, crimson reptile made her rounds. She was not friendly with the dragons to the west, of her own forest and Beijio, and damned them to whatever may come to pass in the future. She then had stopped by a farm out in the fields of Galideno, ate its sheep and cattle (as much as Mikaru was delicious, she wasn't entirely filling) before flying North once more. She got past Jemial, alerting the city below as she soared overhead with a few other dragons.

Now, alone, and at least four hours into her journey, the Dragoness was over the Blackmoth Ocean. Hmm... that Empress was a strange one. I'm not sure now if I should have eaten the Director of the T.I.R.S. like I had in hindsight... well, nevertheless the fact I killed the Director will be no doubt a gift for the monkey running his desert throne. she sighed, thinking of how she loathed mortals immensely, if not for their taste she'd have wiped them all out.

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Re: Blackmoth Ocean

Post  Mikaru Shinitase on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:59 am

[From here]

By this point, other bones and waste had entered the intestines with Mikaru's corpse, which still was in the process of reviving. Her body was compressed by other muck from hours prior, but her flesh had been regrowing where it had been replaced with skeletal flesh, her eyes regrowing, her hair follicles extending from flesh regrown around her scalp. Her breasts and butt and thighs filled out again, and her internal organs and bones which had been cracked or broken regrew.


Her heart beat returning, her brain functioning once more, Mikaru's eyes fluttered open as her body was assaulted by the tight conditions and an overpowering heat which clustered her body, as well as the mushy filth which she found herself now tightly wedged between.

Oh Gods...I'm... really in her... Her heart raced, and she felt an urge to puke and scream, wanting to wiggle out of this organic mess of tubing filled with Gods knew what. She stopped herself, having to use another one of the stims in the side pouch that was enchanted like a bag of holding; jamming the needle into her thigh as she found it nearly impossible to move in the thick muck.

She realized her uniform was pretty much in tatters. Bra was nothing more but cotton sludge wedged between her breasts, her jacket was ripped straight across the front, the ballistic fibres in clear strands across naked flesh; her skirt was all but gone, save for a loin cloth style flap across hosiery which was all torn up and burnt out in places, her thong was still somewhat intact though. She wiggled her body, feeling bones of creatures, perhaps even her own that had fallen off before the Revive kicked in. She hoped to have regained consciousness once she was out, but apparently luck gave her a literal 'shit hand'.

Damn it... ugh... I hope I'm closer to the exit than I think I am... she thought, feeling sick. The cilia filling the lining of this tubing was pushing her and everything along at a slow, painful pace. The rebreather in her mouth managed to filter much of the foul air, but for how long? She was certain this was its virgin voyage in surviving a Dragon's stomach.

I bet not many live to see this part of the trip... not that any would brag either. I certainly won't... guh... she thought horribly, grimacing as she was pushed further along, unaware that when she 'returned' that her body bulged out the intestine more, and in its wedged state, forced her travels downward... to be slower than it would have been had she been 'flatter'.

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