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Rolan Region

  • Rolan Region

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  • Bries Harbor

    Bries Harbor
    The epicenter for coastal trade and shipping, this coastal city ties trade between Domescadia to the North, and to both Scardia and Fenira to the south of the Rolan Continent. They are trying to remain neutral during the conflict brewing between the Galideno Military and Domescadia.
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  • Breland Mountain

    A mountain in which sets Grey Manor, the large palace like building which overlooks Bries Harbor.
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  • Grey Manor

    Grey Manor
    A large and imposing palace constructed by the CEO of Grey Arms weapons manufacturing. The manor acts as the ancestral home to the firearm company, having been aided in its construction with the Quicksilver Family, who are also rivals to Grey Arms with their firearms company: Quicksilver Firearms. However the two families are friendly, they are only at each others throats in manners of business.
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  • Renoa Forest

    Renoa Forest
    The Renoa Forest is a strange place on the Eastern Continent of Rolan, just past the Fields of Rolan. The area seems to have an eerie, mystical feel to it that gives one both a sense of foreboding, and intrigue. Its claimed to be an area close to the 'Life Spring' a fairy tale to most of Galiavan where one can drink from the Planet's own spiritual energy and then become immortal. Others claim it to be a gateway to something far darker, and that by building on the land deeper within would be sacrilege. Tenik Industrial, however, doesn't take much into stock about fairy tales, and have already began construction of a Tenik Reactor and a city to be built around it at Renoa Forest's heart.
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